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Nedis WiFi Smart plug and Nedis® SmartLife

I just found some code that should work with tuya devices. And these are rebranded tuya. If someone is willing to come over to my place with some devices I could test things out?


Does that count for any Tuya/Smartlife device.
I can always send you one

Any update on this? :slightly_smiling_face: Response times through IFTTT aren’t ideal.

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I’ve been able to control my Tuya devices (A diffuser) through homey, requires an alexa and the tuya alexa skill installed.

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Jamie are you saying you can control an Alexa device or a Alexa controller device through homey? Via IP/HTTP? Or are you getting homey to speak to Alexa?

I’ve been trying to do this with my blinds for ages, can control through Alexa but not through homey?

I add and control alexa devices and alexa smart home devices to homey. Then control them from the app / flows, its great for devices which homey can not natively support but alexa can.

I say ‘smart home devices’ but the only smart home device I have used it on is as I said the diffuser :


Which has a Tuya chip in it, adding it directly to homey makes the token alexa is using invalid - so this is a nice work around.


Don’t know. But could be. Maybe we can work this out somehow?

Don’t have an Alexa device. Could someone explain how this works in combination with Homey and the Tuya devices? Can you use the device states in Homey flows (on/off/brightness/…)? Currently using Ifttt for my Nedis(tuya) lightbulbs but most of the time to slow in responding…

I’m still curious why there is so little buzz and interest of these bulbs: https://www.nedis.com/category/lighting/light-bulbs/led-bulbs?&filter[186]=Wi-Fi

I’d gladly support development of an app for these!


Have some lights would like an app for that :grinning:

I got some Nedis bulbs too…
Tried to install the Tuya app from Github but it only supports smart plug with the Tuya chip… Or did i miss something?

Edit: https://github.com/slasktrat/com.tuya (that was the one i installed… But only smart plug/socket showed up)

Any updates?

Got no reaction to donate devices so I havent done anything on this

Jeroen, I have a Tuya power plug. Are you still willing to build an app for it? I do not get my home covered with klikaanklikuit or Zwave devices. So I would like to have a wifi switch solution tested with homey.

Just curious, you having a 10 bedroom house thats so big? that zwave not can be covered??

Wow, that’s sad. Didn’t realize. I can send you a loaner bulb - send your adress in a private message and I’ll mail it to you asap! :upside_down_face:

please take a look here: [APP]TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

maybe this works with nedis devices

Tuya has a developer platform : https://auth.tuya.com/?from=http%3A%2F%2Fiot.tuya.com%2F
Perhaps that might help to develop? connecting your app to their Cloud services should give access to all registered devices.
This might also be an option : https://docs.tuya.com/en/cloudapi/device_access.html

Also I have a dimmable white light bulb as well as an rgb dimmable bulb to loan if you need any…

Not really. But it has a copperplated roof and a lott of glass with some kind of reflection particles in it. So for my wifi coverage I need allready 5 unifi ap’s.
I tried Zwave, KlikaanKlikuit but nothing really works.
So wifi is my next try. But I would like homey to operate instead of opening up my home to the chinees.

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Hi Jeroen,

I can help you out with some Nedis devices. Sent you a DM with more info :wink: