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Nedis WiFi Smart plug and Nedis® SmartLife

Don’t have an Alexa device. Could someone explain how this works in combination with Homey and the Tuya devices? Can you use the device states in Homey flows (on/off/brightness/…)? Currently using Ifttt for my Nedis(tuya) lightbulbs but most of the time to slow in responding…

I’m still curious why there is so little buzz and interest of these bulbs: https://www.nedis.com/category/lighting/light-bulbs/led-bulbs?&filter[186]=Wi-Fi

I’d gladly support development of an app for these!

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Have some lights would like an app for that :grinning:

I got some Nedis bulbs too…
Tried to install the Tuya app from Github but it only supports smart plug with the Tuya chip… Or did i miss something?

Edit: https://github.com/slasktrat/com.tuya (that was the one i installed… But only smart plug/socket showed up)