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I will as soon as it is installed and i have added an device again


have you ever installed an app by source code?
if you download my source code, you are able to run the code in debugging, im very interested to see what happens


could you coppy the JSON data here? this way i can test it on my homey.
Feel free to send a private message


Tried to copy the JSON data but i can not copy paste it for some reason


weird, When searching for a device you have searched “Marcel” Right?
Sorry for this question but just to be sure.


Yep, i received 2 LG models, no Marcel device


I am having the same issue with your data. I’m investigating how that is possible.


Ok, thats “great”. Then we can search for something


I just added a virtual device named sdf and that works normal :-S but Marcel cant be found


Like this:

[{“id”:30756243734,“adapterName”:“homey_SDF_30756243734”,“type”:“LIGHT”,“manufacturer”:"",“name”:“SDF”,“icon”:“LIGHT”,“tokens”:“Homey”,“device”:{“name”:“SDF”,“specificname”:“SDF”,“tokens”:[“Homey”,“Athom”]},“setup”:{},“capabilities”:[{“type”:“button”,“name”:“POWER OFF”,“label”:“POWER OFF”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/POWER OFF"},{“type”:“button”,“name”:“POWER ON”,“label”:“POWER ON”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/POWER ON"},{“type”:“button”,“name”:“POWER TOGGLE”,“label”:“POWER TOGGLE”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/POWER TOGGLE"},{“type”:“button”,“name”:“POWER_ALL_OFF”,“label”:“POWER_ALL_OFF”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/POWER_ALL_OFF"},{“type”:“sensor”,“name”:“LIGHT_SENSOR”,“label”:“LIGHT”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/LIGHT_SENSOR",“sensor”:{“type”:“binary”,“value”:false}},{“type”:“switch”,“name”:“LIGHT”,“label”:“LIGHT”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/LIGHT",“sensor”:“LIGHT_SENSOR”},{“type”:“sensor”,“name”:“BRIGHTNESS_SENSOR”,“label”:“BRIGHTNESS”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/BRIGHTNESS_SENSOR",“sensor”:{“type”:“range”,“range”:[0,100],“unit”:"%",“value”:0}},{“type”:“slider”,“name”:“BRIGHTNESS”,“label”:“BRIGHTNESS”,“path”:"/device/homey_SDF_30756243734/BRIGHTNESS",“slider”:{“type”:“range”,“sensor”:“BRIGHTNESS_SENSOR”,“range”:[0,100],“unit”:"%"}}]}]


Now it works, THANKS !!!


It should be instantly available.

I have found the issue and wonder why you are the first one to find it.

There is no value for manufacturer, somehow the NEEO brain doesn’t accept this.

You can use this to fix it:

"id": 30755395298,
"adapterName": "homey_Marcel_30755395298",
"type": "LIGHT",
"manufacturer": "Marcel",
"name": "Marcel",
"icon": "LIGHT",
"tokens": "Homey",
"device": {
	"name": "Marcel",
	"specificname": "Marcel",
	"tokens": ["Homey",
"setup": {
"capabilities": [{
	"type": "button",
	"name": "POWEROFF",
	"label": "POWEROFF",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/POWER OFF"
	"type": "button",
	"name": "POWERON",
	"label": "POWERON",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/POWER ON"
	"type": "button",
	"name": "POWERTOGGLE",
	"label": "POWERTOGGLE",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/POWER TOGGLE"
	"type": "button",
	"name": "POWER_ALL_OFF",
	"label": "POWER_ALL_OFF",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/POWER_ALL_OFF"
	"type": "sensor",
	"name": "LIGHT_SENSOR",
	"label": "LIGHT",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/LIGHT_SENSOR",
	"sensor": {
		"type": "binary",
		"value": false
	"type": "switch",
	"name": "LIGHT",
	"label": "LIGHT",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/LIGHT",
	"sensor": "LIGHT_SENSOR"
	"type": "sensor",
	"label": "BRIGHTNESS",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/BRIGHTNESS_SENSOR",
	"sensor": {
		"type": "range",
		"range": [0,
		"unit": "%",
		"value": 0
	"type": "slider",
	"name": "BRIGHTNESS",
	"label": "BRIGHTNESS",
	"path": "/device/homey_Marcel_30755395298/BRIGHTNESS",
	"slider": {
		"type": "range",
		"sensor": "BRIGHTNESS_SENSOR",
		"range": [0,
		"unit": "%"


I’ll try to fix it in the next App release. The next app will be published when the next NEEO firmware gets released.


I’m sorry for this bad experiance. shouldn’t have happend.
Hope you can build some great intergrations with my app. :smiley:


No problem, it works, thats what counts, great to find the bug, better experience for the future users :grinning:


I tried many possibilities but is it even possible to have a light button on my NEEO that has a first svreen with only ON asnd OFF ? I each time get an first screen woth an switch and slider and an second screen woth my desired ON and OFF buttons. Can i remove this first screen ? I checked the code and that even does not show the switch and slider button.


yeah sure. Default neeo sets some basic layout. but this can be removed.

In the NEEO App. go to your light page (works with any page btw) than tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner. select slides. then turn off lights (the first and default slide) and leave shortcuts turned on. (the customizable slides)


I allready have a fix inplace. As soon as NEEO launches their new firmware i’m able to push my updated app as well. there are some new features that require the newer firmware.


Great, many thanks, any chance you could also create something to support screens ? Would be nice to handle these also with the NEEO as long as their is no real interactive dashboard with Homey to hang in the room. HomeyDash isn’t quite stable.


@Niels Hi,
I have a question i have a trigger when email received then update textlabel, sometimes it takes so much time to update it, do you now why? Thanks


Notifications are sent over 6loPan. Unfortunately this doesn’t work as great as it supposed to. On the remote the icon just left of the WiFi icon shows the 6Lopan connection. It’s a known issue but it might get more attention if others report this as well, You can best do that on Planet.Neeo.com