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Hello @Niels,
I bought a Neeo this week. I really like your app, but I’ve got a problem. I’ve created a virtual device for a light. On the NEEO remote I’ve now a switch for on/off and a slider for dimming. If I use the slider the light turns on, but the switch remains off. Now I want to trigger an event in a flow, but that does not seem to work. I do not know the values of the tags, but I don’t get them with simple log. If I test the flow it works, but if I use the slider it seems no event is triggered. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks


if you want the UI to represent the actual value then use the inform cards. not the change cards. as these are meant to actually change it. in your case use the inform switch card.
also make sure to test within the neeo app first. the remote is depending on a good 6lopan connection for state notifications and doesn’t always receive these instant. (known issue) NEEO is working on.


with virtual devices, don’t use the event triggered card. use the “is slider changed”, “switch changed” or “button pressed”. these cards only listen to the actual virtual device opposed to all actions executed by neeo.


Thank you @Niels for the quick response. Using “is slider changed” did the trick. Thanks a lot.


and please use the inform cards to represent the value on the NEEO. I should limit the change cards to non virtual devices. it could end up in a loop otherwise


Use the control cards to set neeo native features. like NEEO connected ZigBee devices.


I made a fix that excludes the control cards to work with homey built virtual devices. I will publish the app as soon as NEEO released their next firmware, I have added new features that depend on the upcoming NEEO firmware to work.


@Niels I’ve created the following flows. It works brilliantly.

Need to upload 2nd flow in seperate post.

Thanks for your help


2nd flow:


In this flow don’t use the change a switch card but the inform a switch card. what you are doing now is that when you set the value to o you also send a power off command opposed to only visualizing the power is off. seems similar but the one your using in this example is like using the neeo remote and press the switch.
does that make sense? in the upcoming release I removed the possibility as most of my apps users get confused about it. I’m doing a bad job in making the difference evident. if you have tips in how I could describe it better then let me know.


It is very clear now. I should have looked better at your flow cards. I’ve changed the flow, so it just updates the switch state like it should. Thanks.


@Niels Are going to update this APP to make it work for the Homey v2.0?


It’s ready to launch. just waiting for the required NEEO firmware update release.


Top! Je bent een god.

Great! You are a god!


Dank u. :slight_smile:

This video shows the upcoming release.


Niels, first off, thank you for developing this app and the NEEO Kodi IP control SDK!

I have been the owner of a black cat NEEO from the Kickstarter campaign from quite some time now and have always loved the hardware. The software unfortunately is somewhat limited for domotica controls, so the combination with Homey makes a lot of sense to me and I decided to get one last week to replace my RPI with Domoticz.

I have been able to get the virtual devices up and running for all my lights, which I can now control with the NEEO remote, awesome! I have found it useful to add feedback to the NEEO sliders, since otherwise they would get out of sync when switching lights through Homey. Or am I using a workaround for something that is easier to acheive?

I have not succeeded in two other options:

  1. One of my lights is an Ikea color bulb, for which the on/off toggle works fine. However, I cannot configure the slider to control the brightness, as there is no option in the flow I try to make to use the slider value to set the brightness. I was also wondering if it would be possible to control the color with some kind of color wheel, or is this too advanced for NEEO Atm?
  2. I have added virtual switches for my NEEO recipes in Homey so I can launch them from Homey as well. However, I cannot find an option to give feedback to the Homey virtual switch when a recipe is launched or stopped from NEEO. Seems to be a limitaties in Homey rather than NEEO?

Could you give me some pointers…?



The way I’ve setup my app is so that almost everything the NEEO SDK offers can be used in NEEO. This approach gives a lot of freedom to the end user but in return it’s required more work from the user in regards to building flows. This includes updating the actual status of a capability when possible. Use the inform … cards to update the state in NEEO.

To use a slider set the NEEO card in the when field. Select when slider changed. In the then field use the lightbulb card that controls the brightness. The NEEO card gives off two tags (variables) one contains the actual value the other tag has the percentage (this is a decimal value between 0 and 1) you probably need the later tag inside the bulbs flow card. I don’t own these lights so I’m not sure what they accept.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean with virtual switches as they could be virtual switches that are defined in NEEO or a switch defined in a virtual device using my app or a virtual switch in Homey.
Anyway all NEEO events can be captured and acted on using the NEEO event card. You should only use these for devices and recipes not build with my app. Your TV recipe for instance. But also every button press of any device. To find what you need (if you need it) just add a new flow with the NEEO event card and use for instance the simple log app to write all the tags. Start the recipe you want to act on (or button press or anything else) then look in the log what you’ve received.

It will include something like recipexyz executed or stopped. Or button x y z pushed.

Please note that the virtual devices defined with my app do not require to use this card as they are controlled directly and have appropriate when cards.


Surely giving the user more control is the way to go for me, I was just wondering if there was a ‘shortcut’ to informing the sliders, besides cloning flows in Homey.

The thing about the slider controlling the Ikea bulb, is that I don’t see a tag in the bulb ‘then’ card. Acutally, this is not something specific for the bulb, since I also don’t see the tag when I try to write the slider value to a user variable. I am working in the Homey app since I upgraded to 2.0.0

Let me clarify the last part: I have a virtual switch in Homey (through add > Homey > virtual switch) that can trigger or stop a NEEO recipe. The thing is that I don’t see the option to give feedback to this virtual switch in Homey when launching a recipe from NEEO. In other words, when I launch a recipe from NEEO, my virtual switch in Homey remains off. Is there any means of feedback to this virtual switch, I only seem to be able to turn it on/off, which probably triggers the NEEO recipe again… Hope this makes more sense now…

Thanks again!


I’ve built a slider to control the homey led as a reference.


Interesting… I don’t get the option to use a “local tag” :thinking:

Edit: simular issue?