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looks like this will be the future:
Neeo works well you can still use it after those 24 months, but no more adding possibilities.


Well I assume that after 24 months if you need to change a device or need to add a new one you are done and you have a nice paperweight because you cannot acces the online db for the devices, and probably from this day forward no new device drivers will be added. So even if you want to add a new device in the coming two years this will not be possible.

Ah well, never got to install my NEEO properly because it has never got as usable as my Logitech so no big problems for me, only a waste of money and too bad the guy from NEEO got his payday selling the company, normally I do not begrudge someone a good deal but in this case I would rather have seen him getting nothing. I was amazed every time when they published something bad as ‘the best news ever’.


Hi @Niels,

Very sad news today, but do you update your app or is this also dead?


I still think the NEEO remote and Homey are a perfect couple. I’m not letting it go that easily.


Big Thanks!


We are rooting for you! :grin:


As in trying to root the device?
I have a serial connection to the brain. Any 3.3v UART would do. I’ve tried to bypass eMMC during boot but that’s protected… https://mobile.twitter.com/nklerk/status/1089222397121712128

If you find a way in then I’m all ears.


Haha, no sorry, that was a no pun intended remark! I do not nearly posses the skills to be of help… Hoping that some enthousiast NEEO users like yourself can help the community if the NEEO/4control team decides to drop us simpletons…


Hi @Niels

I have problem, when i press download backup in your app, homey app crashed and closed. Its android tablet, can you please look into this. Thanks


Sorry that’s know, I could remove the button but fixing it I cannot.

If you use developers.athom.com you can go to the app settings and download it on your computer.


Ok, Thanks @Niels.