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I think you might not have added all required buttons. You are probably missing one or more input and number buttons. Try a default TV setting. Naming of the buttons and availability of them is important

You can check on activities by using the NEEO events card. This card triggers on any event including starting and stopping a recipe


Thanks. I will investigate further. I’ll let you know.


Is it possible to add a device which is orig. linked to the Neeo to Homey?
So just the other way around.

I have several IR products, which can only be controlled via the Neeo and I like to controll them directly and not via flows.


What exactly do you want to achieve? You can start NEEO recipes from Homey and press buttons etc. Just check the “then…” flow cards.

The other way around, you can add custom devices or buttons to your NEEO to control Homey devices and flows.

Just play around with it!

It is a damn shame that this gorgeous remote will be off life support soon…!


I’ve done the following steps:

  1. Add testtv with manufacturer Samsung with all buttons you provide in Neeo app
  2. Add testtv device in Neeo

I get the following screen:

Then this screen:

I choose “Assumption mode”

Then I get the “Hit the buttons screen”:

No idea wat I’m pressing

Now I have a TV device with no Favorites slide. I only have a shortcut slide.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


That’s clearly a bug on my side. Thanks for your efforts!
I’ll see what I can do. I hope I’m able to fix it soonTM


Thanks a lot @Niels

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Nothing particular to say except thank you so much for this integration and the support you offer. I have three Neeos and so I really need you going forward and I hope you stay with Neeo as long as you can.


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Thanks for your contribution!


I’ve updated the app but had no time yet to fully test it. As soon as it is approved then it will be availeble as beta.


Thank, I will test as soon as possible and I’ll let you know the outcome.


Bit off-topic, but hope to get your insights. Since Neeo support will soon be stopped, is it still worth getting a Neeo remote when combining it with Homey? Will the combination of both extend the possibilities even after support is dropped?

Really wondering if it still worth the money to get a Neeo. Best universal remote you can get imo, but a waiste if it will move to the attic in 1-2 years.


First of all, you can not get a new NEEO anymore. There are however quite some cheap second hand remotes on eBay/marktplaats etc.

Secondly, no one knows what will happen in the next months, but I think chances are slim that we can fully use the remote… :pleading_face:


I will sell my. Make a good price


It’s hard to say really. If you can get one cheap then I would go for it. It will at least work for the coming two years and as it stands have great interaction with Homey.


Yeah, noticed they go for less now second hand, that’s why I’m still considering getting one.

What do you mean with “fully use the remote”? Is the device depending on cloud services, which might be cancelled after support has been dropped? If the device can work on it’s own and current possibilities combined with Homey are great then I would expect it will still be a great solution even after support is dropped.


Exactly what I’m thinking, though wondering what will the solution be worth after those two years.

Real pitty this device is abondoned. Offers so much more then Logitech Harmony.


I own four combos. And I’m certain to keep using them as long as there’s no alternative.

The Ir database and channel logos are cloud based. I wrote custom code to get logos in. ( http://www.nielsdeklerk.nl/neeofav/ ) For Ir I have build a extremely cheap hardware solution that anyone should be able to build. And a homey driver will follow. https://github.com/nklerk/esp8266-wifi-Pronto-IR


The beta is just published, please let me know if it works now.


Sounds like you’re already “shaping the future of NEEO” :wink: