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thx for the help, need to install/find git on my windows env, will get back later on this.

Should work on your RPi just fine :slight_smile:

yes, but completly screwed that one up, also for Atom i would like to have Git running. Bedankt!

the checkout gives me error: pathspec ‘https://github.com/robertklep/nl.nefit.easy’ did not match any file(s) known to git. Both on windows and RPi (back on its feet again).

Dammit, typo, instead of checkout use clone :stuck_out_tongue:


@robertklep thanks for app! I was wondering if the Nefit API also allows insight into the gas usage. The native app for android shows gas usage from the start of the year (under “historie”).
Is it possible to add this into the app? I would like to send a daily/weekly/monthly report on gas usage with homey and don’t have a digital meter with a P1 port :slight_smile:

Yes, the API provides that information, but it will require quite a bit of work to get it working in the Homey app.

The standalone Nefit Easy CLI tool can be used to export this data, although I realize that it may be a challenge to get that up and running (because it only exports the data, in JSON format, which subsequently would have to be processed to generate daily/weekly/monthly stats).

I see the default JSON output contains the last ~30 days of gas usage per day for heating and hot water.
Even though i would love for this “report” to be included in homey I will add it to grafana from your CLI script and handle it from there.
Picking up the data only once per day won’t get me blocked either :slight_smile:

“date”: “Tue Apr 09 2019”,
“hot water”: 2.5,
“central heating”: 0,
“average outdoor temperature”: 9.9

Perhaps it would be easy to extract just the last day and use that for a report in homey?
Then there is at least a daily report.
I understand it would be quite the hassle to create weekly/monthly/yearly stats.

I’ll have to check how Insights works. I assume it only stores (registered) capability values, which means that if I were to implement this, you’d have to re-pair the device before the data will be shown in Insights (however, that might not be a big problem for most users).

I’ve created a Github issue to remind myself to take a look at this: https://github.com/robertklep/nl.nefit.easy/issues/11

However, given that I don’t really use my Homey anymore, I can’t promise that I will even implement this.

No problem Robert. It’s not a make or break issue for me. The rest of nefit easy app works just fine.

Eventually solved it by running the “easy” binary on a existing linux server that writes the results in a file that is hosted on apache every day at 0:05.
The output is already json so with the HTTP request APP i put the daily values in better logic vars and send them with telegram every day.

Will create 2 more flows to add the daily values to a monthly var and send that montly when i have the time.

@robertklep first of all very nice app! Works like a charm. I would like to create a flow that sets the termostat to us the clockprogam and then a specific program. Is this posible?

I have the current situation, the nefit system is build in our vacation house and uses a clockprogram when nobody is there (program 1) and a program if somebody is using the house (program 2).

I can’t seem to find it in your app.

Setting the active program isn’t implemented in the Homey app, I’m afraid.

Ok you mean athom has to allow this in their mobile app?

No, I meant the Nefit app for Homey.

Ok right, i will make a feature request on your github.