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Nefit Easy

Given that I have taken over the project from Athom in the past, I don’t think they’ll be able to take it back (due to lack of manpower).

Hi Robert,
I ame verry happy with your app!
Maybe it is possible to give it a new foster parrant?

Sure, if you know someone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @robertklep,
Dit you make an update? 3.3.1?
What is in it?

I upgraded the beta to stable. v3.3.1 fixes a few styling issues with the settings page, nothing major.

I’ll also be releasing a new beta (v3.3.2) soon, which fixes some flow problems.

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I ame verry happy you still putting effort in this app!

Tumps up!!!

@robertklep thanks for your work. Used the Nefit Easy for a long time now with no problems. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you going to support the Nefit/Bosch easycontrol aswell?

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No :grimacing:For one, I don’t have such a device, which makes developing for it very difficult, and besides, I stopped using my Homey a while ago so I’m not actively developing any of my Homey apps anymore.

Hi @robertklep,

I get you are not developing the app anymore, but do you have an explanation why the flows aren’t working when the ‘Bedrijfsmodus’ changes and the ‘Bedrijfsmodus’ is X, it doesn’t respond start a flow as expected.

When I log the ‘Bedrijfsmodus’ changes to a file, I get ‘central heating’ and ‘hot water’ instead of ‘CV’ and ‘Warm water’. No idea of that’s a problem or if this is just the translation?

Yes, there’s a mismatch which makes the card fail. Instead, you can use a Logic card and compare the operating mode token against central heating.

That works, thanks!

Ok so I just bought a new house and it has a Easy thermostat, however i have no idea where to find serialrn, code, password as the plugin asks for, any idea how i can find that out? I have no manual with the device it just hangs on the wall and is connected to wifi. Thanks.

And you dont have GOOGLE ???

Took me max 30 sec

Handleiding Nefit ModuLine Easy (pagina 11 van 12) (Nederlands) (gebruikershandleiding.com)

Bedankt voor je fijne reply… alleen helpt het niks, dat had ik zelf ook al gegoogled, ik heb serienummer en toegangscode wel maar wachtwoord niet. Ik zoek het zelf wel uit, sorry for asking.

You didnt as you stated above :wink:

But you did try to reset the nefit easy?

wachtwoord nefit easy app vergeten hoe kan ik dit oplossen : 635181 (gebruikershandleiding.com)

If you bought the house and it came with the Easy, you have to ask the previous owners for their password or perform a full reset. I don’t have an Easy anymore but if I remember correctly there’s a small hole on the side of it that you can push a paperclip in to perform a reset.