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Neo Coolcam PIR battery level does not change

I’m using your Neo Coolcam app in combination with 7 pir’s v2 for my alarm system. One thing I noticed is that the battery levels of the pir’s seem not to be updating very frequently (almost never if I look at Homey insights). They stay very long at 100%. After a few weeks one of my pir’s dropped to 1% in a a few days using the standard battery included !? I’m using the default settings. I see an RX(movement indication) of around 800 for some PIRS in the 14 hours Homey has been up.

Is this only happening for my setup or is this common behavior? And is the related to the firmware of the NEO pir’s or the NEO Homey app?

I observe the same phenomenon with my Neo Coolcam PIR V2 on default settings (have not tried to change anything so far). I wonder about the same as you and have no answers. :-/