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NEO Coolcam Pir v2 not updating status

Hi @tmaniac,

I’m having the same problem with my motion sensor. Where do you get the routing table from ?

Thx in advance !



at the homey developer page

Jup, just log in to the developer page and go to tools…


Plz also mention that u just have battery powered devices and no “routers” .

I have a fibaro dimmer 2 acting as a router.

So far i’m very underimpressed by the overpriced fibaro :frowning:

Often times the dimmer does not pick up on the turn-off signal send by homey; a zigbee IKEA Led controller always responds (both the devices are switched from the same flow)
And these devices are practically next to each other.

Fibaro is zwave, ikea zigbee so nothing to do wich each other😉

I also experienced a ‘PIR2 motion status not updating and always showing yes’-issue for the 2nd time.

What sometimes was usefull was removing the PIR2. I had to do it so many times my PIR2 node sequence was 16 while my other devices were numbered 1, 2 and 3

It was very frustrating because in the end i had to reset my zwave network for the 2nd time.

I’m also thinking the PIR2 is broken because my other PIR2 is very stable. Yesterday evening, i had enough of the faulty PIR2 and ordered a new 3rd PIR2. Ironically the faulty PIR2 is now stable.

In the end i have no clue if this issue is Homey, NEO, or NEO app related. I use the search function very often but sometimes there are so many topics and as many replies that i can’t see the forest through the trees (the dutch will understand :rofl:)

yes and no.

yes, nothing to do with eachother because: different protocol.
No because: they are at the same range from homey but the much cheaper ikea led dimmer has a way better connection then the very expensive fibaro dimmer. (which was my point)

The only reason i have the fibaro dimmer at that spot is because i had some gift cards laying around and i needed a zwave router for the motion sensor :wink:

The coolcam’s batteries don’t last very long (or i ask for too much status updates from the sensor…)
i’m coocking up a wall-power adapter for the neo coolcam, when my Aliexpress order comes in i’ll print a dummy battery, wire the electronics in and connect it to an old phone charger; then i’ll never have to worry about batteries again and i can set the sensor’s polling inteval very high :slight_smile:

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