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Neo coolcam pir v2 unsecure Z-Wave with secure Fibaro Dimmer 2+



Hi all,

I am using a Neo Coolcam PIR v2 which is added “not secure” in Homey. If motion is detected I want to use group 2 association so it will switch the “securely” added Fibaro Dimmer 2+ but this does not work.

Is it true that the Fibaro does not except insecure communication from other devices than the controller?
All is configured correctly. I added the node id (5 in my case) from the Fibaro to group 2 of the Neo Coolcam PIR.

Is there a solution for this? I prefer using association instead of creating a flow.



It will accept from other devices, but only secured devices, direct association from unsecure to secure is just not possible (general z-wave “limitation”).

The other way around may be possible (secure to unsecure), but is dependent if the sending device can send that signal unsecure, this is different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

As homey can handle secure signals it can send (and receive) to anything.

It is possible to include the dimmer 2 as unsecure, but this is not implemented currently in homey


Thanks, thought so.
Hopefully the implementation of adding a secure device as unsecure will come one day to Homey.