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Nest cam support


Is there any news on Nestcam support on homey?


IP cam support is still on their TO-Do list.


yes would be great to use Nest IQ Camera in a flow

thanks xoops


Please be aware that only when the cam detects a person, movement or a sound you would be able to trigger an action.

It is not possible to view the camerafeed from Nest cams.

See also: https://developers.nest.com/reference/api-camera


yes, but that better then nothing :slight_smile:


There is no nest cam support in homey? To trigger a flow when an person is detected??? Stringyfy does support a flow for nest cam person detection so the API should support that. Any idea?


I have been waiting for almost 1,5 years for them to integrate Nest IP Cam’s. Especially bought Nest cams, since I figured they would be the first to be supported. It would be a great help if the support is integrated.