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Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August

They are making some serious progress at the HA platform

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That looks like a suitable solution.

Now we need the homey app to support this.
Any developer wants to do a fund raiser?

Looks great this posts

I took a look at the code of Alan Porter, mentioned at the link above,
Its a few python scripts, fetching the data en enabling authorisation.

Maybe @Emile can review a port the code? So Homey can have an official NEST integration again.
So the promise to integrate becomes true again and we don’t have to ditch our beautiful nest thermostats.


Any news ?


very quiet at the moment.

Its official… Nest API is dead for me too :frowning: Athom even removed their app from the store

The removed it already a long time ago

But still working for me😜

Fingers crossed, but still working here as well…

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A bit selfish… but I wish Google killed it completely so there where more people in this community that would be asking for a new integration :upside_down_face: :smile:

Its a Joke…

I would definitely be in for a new “official” integration from the community. Just in case the support would stop for me as well one day…

No skills to make it here nevertheless

Keep hoping here :slight_smile:

Still working for me, even during the upgrade from Homey to Homey pro.
As backup, I have forked the nest app in github and can install it via homey commandline app installer on a raspberry pi in my network.

And ofcourse I hope that a new app will be developed, but for now thats even no solution for me, because I have nest protects and these are not yet supported via the new google api.

Hoping for support on nest thermostat and protects

Hello @Elmar there is a soution available for the thermostats.

Hi guys, since this morning, I cannot control my nest thermostat anymore. I did no migration so I have no idea what is going on.

I have tried to restart the nest app, but now there is a red triangle on the icon.

And I see this text: This device is no longer availible in the nest account.

Any idea if this can be fixed? Or should I migrate now and try the new method…

I think now is a good time to migrate. The nest SDM is stable.

With me it still works with the old app…

Did you restart Homey already?

Yup, also tried a restart. After that, the red triangle is gone and I can read the temperature in homey. So when I change it on the test, I can see it in homey. But when I try to change the temperature in Homey I’m getting this error: