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Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August

I changed my wifi at home (new ssid and pass) but the camera’s are still available and active in homey (do have fixed ip for them, maybe a reason it still works?)

I just saw on the time line in the homey app that there was an update for the Nest app… So maybe the have found a way to repair the communication between homey and Nest???

aiii i’m a bit in a downwards spiral… removed the app and i cannot install it any more trough the strore…

It is no longer possible to pair Nest devices with Homey. Only devices added before the 31st of August, when the Nest Partner API was discontinued, will continue functioning. Therefore, this App is deprecated and can no longer receive support. Read more.

From the readme file from the latest update of the Nest app. So only for current users, that’s why the app isn’t in the App Store anymore most likely.

yes true but everything was paired before

I have read about others having the same issue on different platforms. It sounds like Google might be signing accounts out, once you have lost the auth on an app, you can’t get it back.

All of my IFTTT Nest flows were disconnected yesterday (and other people I know).
Google are signing people out of the old API, they are killing it slowly but surely.

Nest is writing on their website:

" We’ll also invite smart home developer enthusiasts to participate in our Device Access for Individuals sandbox, allowing you to directly control your own Nest devices for your private integrations and automations."

Is this something that can be worked with?!

Edit: https://developers.google.com/nest/device-access

Late 2020 it will be available. But homey users might have to register as developer to use this, if it ever comes to an app.


Nest thermostat still works fine with homey for me. No problems what so ever :+1:


Still missing out… Any developments?

also waiting for it!