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In Homey v.2.x the Nest app doesn’t see the ECO mode in the experimental ‘devices’ tab. When I use a flow for example to leave home, it automatically sets Nest to Eco-mode, but in the ‘devices’ tab, it still shows the last used temperature (in orange, indicating it’s still heating). In the iPhone Nest-app it shows the great Eco-leaf, but the Homey devices still show the last temperature in orange. Anybody who has the same issue?


Hi Joep,

I have the same issue and reported this already. The NEST app should get a re-write based on API v6 (now API v3). Setting Home/Away status would also become available.


Athom is working on this issue at this moment.


Good news!


That would be wonderful! Thank you for the news!


But has not high priority😬