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This discussion is started to centralize all Questions, Answers and Information around the NetAtmo App for the Weather Station and Thermostat


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Netatmo app by Athom

Supported devices:

  • the NetAtmo Weather Station with modules
  • the NetAtmo Thermostat.

The Beta version (3.0.2) offers support for:

  • Welcome

  • Healthy Home Coach

atm there is no information about upcoming support for the other NetAtmo products:

  • Presence

  • Tags

  • Smart Smoke Alarm

Known Issues will be posted below.
Be free to ask and discuss anything around these two devices here!

App Contributors

Recently a community member (@caseda) added support for Battery information and the cumulative Rain counters.

Forum Discussion

Initial Discussion created by @GeurtDijker with info from the community
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Updated 20170829.




@Bram, looking at the beta of the app some of this information is already outdated?


I copy/paste it from the old forum, will update it asap:)


Does the app have support for the radiator valves or not? I cannot figure that out by reading the info for the app.

I currently have 5 Fibaro Radiator Thermostats but they are not stable so I want to try something else and I prefer radiators that can be included in Homey.


I’m using " Danfoss LC-13 Thermostatic Radiator Valves" with Homey - stabile and works as it should :slight_smile:


Almost week ago Weather station stopped updating its info in Homey (3.0.3 plugin version) i still have all information about temp, humidity etc? on device cards but it’s all outdated.
Is it plugin problem? or Something with Netatmo?
Netatmo native application works fine.


All my NetAtmo Weather Station sensors are still updating over the last days, also v3.0.3.
Just try to Re-pair
(Add an additional sensor, Authenticate, no Sensors Found… )


Everything working just fine over here.


It seems simple plugin restart helped.
Any ideas how to check whether plugin becomes unresponsive? I was sure that it worked fine because it showed latest available data )


There is a device has not reported trigger



Thanks, i’ll try it.


Netatmo Welcome make anyone work with Homey?