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NetAtmo by Athom

You don’t have the option When: time is in between…
i’m gonne test the next flow
when time is 18.00
and time is between 17.55 and 18.30
then set temp
see if this one works

You can still loose the and part.
At 18:00 it is always between 17:55 and 18:30.
And your right When does not have a between.
My bad.

Hey guys… first question on this forum (think actually first one on any forum…). Very noobish on Homey, but hope to learn from this forum.

I just bought the Netatmo Rain Gauge to work with my Sun screen, wanting them to go up when the windgusts are too strong or when it starts raining.
For wind I tried the Netatmo app in the flow, changed windspeed with Logic value set to greater than 5km/h. For rain tried the Rainmeter Device, logic set tot greater than 0,1, but neither work.

Would love to hear how you set it up to get it working.

I have tried using the Buienradar app and the Buienalarm app, but they have been too unreliable for my area.

Will the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm support be included in the Homey app? I’ve requested it already at Homey, but no answer.


Why do you use the anemometer in the wind and with rain the devices and value?

The Rain gauge does not show a Rain value in the app for me strange enough… only temperature, humidity and battery level?


For me it works, try to re-add your Netatmo - naturally as stated below, Rainmetter shows only Reason value - I understood you are asking for rest for which you naturally needs external temperature sensor

The rainmeter doesn’t even have a temperature and humidity sensor, so that’s not possible, almost looks like you named the outside sensor (which does have temperature and humidity) as rainmeter :thinking: they are both 2 seperate devices in Homey

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Maybe a stupid question, but do I need the bridge or can Homey handle it?

And - because I often got this question - maybe it’s an idea for apps, that the first sentence in the description is a declaration, if or if not the vendor specific bridge is needed. :ok_hand:

Nope homey handle it.

Side note…. using the wind and rain meter only works with the main module (wheater station) nothing to do with homey…it just only work with the module as it part of it

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thanks - i’ll give them a try.

@RoyWissenburg - is there any installation/pairing guide?

Today I received my valve but I´m not able to add it to homey.
When I start the “new device” process and authentificate with auth.netatmo.com the homey app keep telling me, that there is no device.
Sounds legit because the valve seems to look for a WiFi/Bridge to connect. (the signal icon appears in the valve)

Dont know, only have the weather station.

mhhh … think i need to ask the homey support

@Per_Iveslatt - did you find out anything more about the valves?

I use the weather station with Homey directly. No Netatmo bridge.

The Additional Valves (https://shop.netatmo.com/eur_en/group-3nav-eu.html)
only work with an Thermostat or starter pack with bridge.

See https://netatmostatic.blob.core.windows.net/static/energy_helpchoice/helpchoice_EN.pdf

The Homey App just connects to the Cloud Services API.

Pessence/Welcome, Weather station, and Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor are complete independent products each connecting with their own base station too your Wifi.

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Thanks @Dijker - I wasn’t sure because sometimes you dont need a bridge despite of the information of the specific vendor (netatmo, philips, IKEA).

And thats - in my case - seems to be a worth change of any app description for homey apps.
Every developer should give a info, if or if not - or in the case of netatmo - if only some devices need a bridge. Currently its very confusing due to the lag of information.

I see that only for the bridges that use a common protocol like Zigbee or z-wave.
For systems like this that consist of a base stations with some devices that communicate using a proprietary signal you will imho always need the complete systeem.
I don’t know of much exceptions outside some RF systems using 433 Mhz and specified that way. But maybe it is complex for many users new to so many technique.

For this app I suggest you contact the developer, Athom at their support site to let them know as it is not wait they will see your suggestion here. Who knows they will add it to the app info.

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Does anyone know if there is a plan to split up the app into just giving access to the weather station and not my security cameras (presence)? Currently I have to give Homey access to all of it or none of it?