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Netgear Router App - Network control, Presence detection, Energy monitoring

I can see up/down speed on R7000 (and it’s still online).
I´m on latest Netgear software nd Homey experimental f/w.

Yes, up/down speed of the internet works fine. But is it also working for individually attached devices?
@Erik_M_Madsen @Eternity

Checked by streaming video on my phone. In Homey your App shows no up/down speed (for me).

Same here…

Is a known issue

The developer asked for extra feedback :+1:


With the latest update the reporting delay I experienced has also disappeared! Within a minute a devise is reported on-/offline!

Great news. Thank you! :+1:

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Yep, we are on the same page there. Up Down speeds for the router are fine it’s just the devices (phones in my case). I have switched the reporting off for them now so they don’t appear in the device page so all good.

I did have a laugh though as my wife’s phone must of dropped off the network for too long. The app then run my flows because it thought she had left the house. As she was the only one home that triggered a flow to set the house alarm so when she moved it set the alarm off. Watching her panic on the captured video, trying to find her key fob to switch it off, was quite amusing lol.
I suffered when I got home though so I have disabled that feature until I can get the timings correct.

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Hahahahaha, thanx fot sharing this, my morning can’t start better :rofl::rofl:

v3.0.3 was just released as beta in the app store.

v3.0.3 2019.11.05 Introduced selectable router capabilities for better compatibility with buggy router firmware.

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Unfortunately this is not working for me.

I trigger a flow if my phone comes online:

If my phone connects via the access point in the attic, the R7000 shows that the phone is connected as a wired device:

However, this connected device will not trigger the mentioned flow. Only if connected directly to the R7000, the flow is triggered.

Hi ,
Sorry i did not make a github issue for what i was experiencing, but one day i was digging arround in the new 3.0.0 version and found the option connected devices method , auto old new… set it to old and Bam everything works as it used to do. :slight_smile: so that did the trick for me.
btw loving the new version… with the ability to add devices as devices. :slight_smile: !

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I submitted the v3 to the Homey appstore as stable release. But it got rejected because the description does not render nice anymore in the new store. I changed the text and submitted again. Hope it will be published for everyone :soon:

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