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Netgear Router App - Presence detection and network access


This was working very well.
Sadly my router just updated to the latest firmware and now very rarely shows my mobile devices as being connected, even when I am looking at the router from my mobile on the local network. Hopefully Netgear will fix it soon.


After working well for a long time, the App crashes with the following error:


If I restart the App, it works again (I checked the password and the router comes online as a devise).

Some tests:
If I disable all flows with the Router App, the App still crashes after a couple of minutes

If I do nothing, the App crashes after a couple of minutes.

App version = v2.3.4
Homey f/w = v1.5.13


Did you reset your router?

That was my solution in the past.



With ā€œresetā€ you mean a cold boot (PTP in Homey language) or a ā€˜restore to factoryā€™ settings?


Ptp from the router should do it.


Indeed a PtP



Will try when I am home at the end of the day :slight_smile:

@Gruijter and @Canedje

Thanks guys, a PTP was all what was needed :slight_smile:

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I tried to login into the router from the app but suddenly error 651 pops up and the connection failed. I could not connect it. Please help me with the proper solution to solve the problem.


Try restarting (power down and up) both the netgear and the homey. If that doesnt work please create an issue on github and include the compatibility test results (can be found in the netgear app settings)


Hello Homies!
Anyone know if the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 is compatible?


If it works with genie, it probably works with Homey too.


Thanks for the reply, however I donā€™t own it yet and just looking to buy.
But want to know beforehand so looking in the community for help :slight_smile:
The netgear genie device list hasnā€™t been updated for a very long time, but I can see that it works with " Nighthawk App". Is that an indication for you that it might work?


I think you should contact netgear and ask them if it works with genie. In the router specs I see they do not mention genie, but some other app.


I have a NG WNDR4700 router (did not see it in the compatibility list?!).
I have restarted my router, than Homey, installed the app, tested with port 80 and 5000. I am getting a exclamation mark in the devices screen and running the testprotocol gives the result below with 3 errors. The only thing I canā€™t find how to check is bridge mode vs router mode.
Can you see where it is going wrong?

========== STARTING TEST ==========
Node version: v8.12.0
Netgear package version: 3.3.5
OS: linux 4.14.15-g81f15bab94
t = 0
trying to auto discover the routerā€¦
t = 0.121
trying to loginā€¦
login method: 1
t = 0.181
trying to getInfoā€¦
{ModelName:WNDR4700,Description:Netgear Smart Wizard 3.0, specification 1.6 version,SerialNumber:**********,Firmwareversion:V1.0.0.56,SmartAgentversion:3.0,FirewallVersion:net-wall 2.0,OthersoftwareVersion:N/A,Hardwareversion:N/A,Otherhardwareversion:N/A,FirstUseDate:Sunday, 30 Sep 2007 01:10:03}
t = 0.237
trying to get supportFeaturesā€¦
Invalid response code from router: 404
{lastResponse:<?xml version=\1.0\ encoding=\UTF-8\?>\r\n<SOAP-ENV:Envelope\r\n xmlns:SOAP-ENV=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/\r\n SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/>\r\nSOAP-ENV:Body\r\n<m:GetSupportFeatureListXMLResponse xmlns:m=\urn:NETGEAR-ROUTER:service:DeviceInfo:1></m:GetSupportFeatureListXMLResponse>\r\n404\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Body>\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>\r\n}
t = 0.28
trying to get Parental Control Statusā€¦
Parental Control Enabled: false
t = 0.48
trying to get Qos Statusā€¦
Invalid response code from router: 404
{lastResponse:<?xml version=\1.0\ encoding=\UTF-8\?>\r\n<SOAP-ENV:Envelope\r\n xmlns:SOAP-ENV=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/\r\n SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/>\r\nSOAP-ENV:Body\r\n<m:GetQoSEnableStatusResponse xmlns:m=\urn:NETGEAR-ROUTER:service:AdvancedQoS:1></m:GetQoSEnableStatusResponse>\r\n404\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Body>\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>\r\n}
Qos Enabled: [object Object]
t = 0.567
trying to get Qos Bandwidth optionsā€¦
Invalid response code from router: 404
{lastResponse:<?xml version=\1.0\ encoding=\UTF-8\?>\r\n<SOAP-ENV:Envelope\r\n xmlns:SOAP-ENV=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/\r\n SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/>\r\nSOAP-ENV:Body\r\n<m:GetBandwidthControlOptionsResponse xmlns:m=\urn:NETGEAR-ROUTER:service:AdvancedQoS:1></m:GetBandwidthControlOptionsResponse>\r\n404\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Body>\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>\r\n}
t = 0.608
trying to get Device Access Control Statusā€¦
Block Device Enabled: false
t = 0.65
trying to get attachedDevicesā€¦
Number of attached devices: 0, method: 1
First attached device: undefined
t = 5.08
trying to get Guest Wifi Statusā€¦
2.4G-1 Guest wifi enabled: false
5.0G-1 Guest wifi is not available, method: 1
5.0G-2 Guest wifi is not available
t = 5.776
trying to get the Traffic Meter Enabled Statusā€¦
Traffic Meter Enabled: true
t = 5.821
trying to get the Traffic Meter Optionsā€¦
{newControlOption:No Limit,newNewMonthlyLimit:0,restartHour:0,restartMinute:0,restartDay:1}
t = 5.87
trying to get trafficMeterā€¦
t = 5.914
trying to check newFirmwareā€¦
t = 9.401
trying to logoutā€¦
{host:,port:80,username:admin,password:*****,timeout:30000,sessionId:A7D88AE69687E58D9A00,loggedIn:false,configStarted:true,soapVersion:1,loginMethod:1,getAttachedDevicesMethod:1,guestWifiMethod:{get50_1:1},lastResponse:<?xml version=\1.0\ encoding=\UTF-8\?>\r\n<SOAP-ENV:Envelope\r\n xmlns:SOAP-ENV=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/\r\n SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=\http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/>\r\nSOAP-ENV:Body\r\n<m:SOAPLogoutResponse xmlns:m=\urn:NETGEAR-ROUTER:service:DeviceConfig:1></m:SOAPLogoutResponse>\r\n000\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Body>\r\n</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>\r\n}
t = 9.461
test finished with 3 errors


I just asked the netgear support for the information and got this back.
How is that going to affect the way this app works?



hi @Jolink,

looking at the test results the Homey app should work correctly. The errors are from features that are not used in the Homey app. The soap port is 80, but you can use auto discovery during pairing. Are you using it in bridge mode, not in router mode? Because it looks like you are using it in router mode.

Just start pairing and it should work :slight_smile: . If not please make an issue on github, and include the error logs from the app settings.


@Leopold I just installed the Nighthawk app myself, and that is compatible with my R7800. So it seems that the Nighthawk app uses the same soap interfacing as the Genie app. I however cannot be 100% sure if that also goes for the RAX120, but my guess is it works. Just take the gamble and try it :slight_smile:


Thnx for your quick response!
Could very well be, I googled how I can see if my router is in bridge of router mode, but canā€™t seem to find a way to discover it on my router. Any hints to see how?


if you use it as your dhcp server (meaning if the netgear is the device handing out ip addresses to connected devices) it is running as router. Furthermore, you can see when logging in with a browser to routerlogin.net and then going to advanced> advanced settings> router/ap/bridge mode