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Netgear Router App - Presence detection and network access


After some fiddling and testing I was able to add the router, and it works!

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@Jolink Great that you managed to get it to work eventually.:muscle:

Maybe you can share with us why it was not so easy for you to use the app. I tried to make the pairing process as user friendly as I could. But I might be missing some steps for non-technical users. Is there anything I can do to make the use of the app more user friendly? Or is there any information / background knowledge I should add in the user manual?


I was expecting the router to become visible in the settings screen based
on the ‘koppel met Netgear routers’ sentence below

After testing in the Test tab I thought you should add of find the added device in the Apparaten section

Of course it is all down the reading the instructions tab -> ‘Voeg een router toe via de Homey tab Apparaten en vul het admin wachtwoord in.’ Thought you meant the Apparaten tab under Settings (see screenprint above), but (of course :roll_eyes:) you meant the Apparaten - add new device - screen.
The rest of your instruction was clear, adjusted the settings on my router to see up-/downloadspeed etc.


Ah, ok! Thx for the feedback. I will definitely improve the instruction text.:+1:


v2.3.5 was just released in the appstore. It is now available in German language :de::beers::oncoming_automobile:


I bought a R7000P specifically for using this app. After making the necessary changes to all the devices I wanted to install the app on my Homey, only to get the message “This app is incompatible with your Homey, please try again”. Uh, I obviously missed something, but what?
Homey is connected to Wifi of the R7000P (V1.3.1.44_10.1.23), which is in router mode. Homey “2.0.4”


Hi @Mr_Horizon, Super that you bought a netgear router especially for this app :slight_smile: I should start asking commission from them :rofl:

Anyhow, the problem you are experiencing is temporary, and has to do with the German translations that I added. This appears incompatible with Homey 2.0.4 stable. Beginning of next week I expect Homey V2.0.5 to hit stable. After updating to that firmware the app will install fine.

If you cannot wait untill Monday, check alternatives here to get it working for you right away: https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.netgear/issues/23

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Well, it seems the best way to solve the location issue. Something I want to use in several of my flows. Thanks very much for the fast reply!
Will now have a look how to install from github.

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Thanks to Robin I am now running the Netgear app.
I have a question now. In the screenshot you can see that the update of the status is done frequently (polling interval for testing set at 30 sec). But the devices have not been updated for 21 minutes. Obviously my flows regarding a device going on and offline have not been triggered when turning of the wifi on my iPhone.
Any suggestions as what to look for are appreciated!


It takes 5 minutes after turning off the wifi on your phone before the app reports it as offline. Did you wait long enough? If so, please make an issue on github and include the test result and log from the app settings page.


Thanks for the help Robin, turns out it was me being stupid :rofl:

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Im getting this error installing the app.

Any idea?


On what Homey firmware are you running @Tupangitim ?


Version 2.0.4


Just thinking, why didnt you take some time to read a few post above. Then you would have finf the answer you need.

So update the app and walla :smile:


That indeed should solve it :wink:


V2.4.0 was just released in the appstore. It has some fixes in getting attached device information, and in device discovery (especially when running the netgear in access point mode). Also some optimizations for login handling.


I’m using this brilliant app for presence detection, i need my garage to open as i arrive. 20 secs of polling feels like years. I even extended my orbi with an outdoor ap/extender.

Any ideas how to make arrive work faster?


Hi @AvApsi,

Super that you like my app! :kissing_heart:

But using wifi presence it not really suited if you want to open doors with it. And 20s is about the minimum time it would take for your phone to connect to the wifi, and for the netgear app to detect that it is connected.

You could go for GPS based geofencing (a number of apps can do that, including the Homey app itself), but it might open your garage door too soon. Or go for bluetooth (BLE) beacons. But you would need a BLE receiver in range (max 5-10 meters). Or get a wireless (rf/zwave?) remote control :slight_smile: Or use a flow in your Homey app as remote control. Or use IFTTT widget to make a ‘open garage’ button on your smartphone. Or maybe someone else has a great idea :sunny:


V2.5.0 was just released in the appstore. It has some more internal optimizations and a fix for firmware check on certain router types.

Furthermore, Homey will now automatically try to switch on the traffic meter and access control. There is no need to do that manually anymore in the router.