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Netgear Router App - Presence detection and network access


Master Gruijter, you can add Orbi ac3000 and including Orbi outdoor extender to the list of devices that your app works with.

Reason why i dont use gps is that my house hold are only using android, and that doesnt work with homeys gps… well i cant get it to work at all.

With my orbi extender i jump on my network 30 meters away inside the car, and i just changed from extender mode into AP mode, i think that was causing the issue. Need to test and my neighbours might think im crazy… im driving back and forth to see when ure app picks my mac adresses up. I will get back to you with info… but im guessing that the extender mode didnt tricker ure app. :+1::ok_hand:


I think I remember someone mentioning that with orbi extender mode, the connected devices get virtual mac addresses that depend on the AP it is connected to. Is that true? If so, then that would definitely confuse any flows that look for a fixed mac address for presence :wink:

By the way, I made the app so you can actually add multiple AP’s as seperate Homey devices. So the AP on the driveway can produce seperate trigger flows. Maybe that helps in finding a solution.


It works!!! Besides a neighbour came out and said… are u playing pokemon from the car??

Okay here is the solution.

Do not use extender mode with orbi. Set it up in outdoor access point mode.

Bam! 30 meters away from my house samsung s8 and Huawei p20 jumps on the network… 20 secs after bam! Your genius app spots my mac adresses and my flow opens the garage just as im right infront of it!

Another helpfull tip for android users.

Battery savings might turn off wifi roaming! So turn em off or install a keep wifi alive app.

:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: this app rocks!

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I am having issues with my flows for presence.
This flow is disabled after about 8 hours because it is executed too many times.
Is there something wrong with my way of thinking or is there something wrong with the App?


The flow looks ok. It will be triggered everytime a device goes offline. In the app logs you can check how often this happens, but in my home (with 25 devices, and around 10 wireless devices going offline every now and then) this only happens a few times per hour on average. I don’t see how Homey can think that ths flow is triggered too much, unless it would be triggered multiple times per second. And that is extremely unlikely. Is there no other flow that is causing this issue maybe?


I had the same with my general battery check flow.
After an update of Homey it suddenly stopt stopping the flow.
I’m running the latest firmware of Homey
I did mak a ticket too Athom by the way