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Netgear Router App - Presence detection and network access

What information are you missing? Concerning internet status: some routers do not report this correctly. You can change the source of the internetstatus to ‘Homey’ in the device settings.

If you think something is not working correctly, then please create an issue on github and post the results of the test there (you can initiate the test from the app settings)

I just started using this app, so i haven’t quite figured it out yet. But it was the fact that it says five days ago. Shoudn’t the status be sent in real time ans not five days ago, or am i missing somerhing here?

I also tried to make the presence flow using the Mac adress for my phone, but that didn’t work

You are right, it should be updated every minute. The presence flow looks ok to me, assuming the text is exactly corresponding to the mac tag. Can you submit an issue via the test tab (app settings). You need a github account to do that.

yes, it should be, I pasted the Mac address from my router.
hmm, I choose copy from the test, but I couldn’t paste that on to GitHub

Weird you couldnt paste. Maybe try from another tablet or phone, or even from a pc. Without the testlog there is not much for me to analyze what your problem is.

Ehh, maybe stupid question. But how do i post from a PC? Web interface removed in v.2

Use the mobile device simulator from this site: https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings

got it working on a pc. posted on GitHub now

App version 2.5.5 was just approved in the appstore. Besides squashing some bugs that appeared with some router types, it adds TLS/SSL security (https) for the connection between Homey and your router. This probably only works for routers that have the soap port on 80 (not on 5000). If you want to enable it, just change the soap port to 443 in the device settings or during pairing.

I could only test this on one router, so please try it out and let me know if it works out for you. Actually, you shouldn’t see any difference except that the port is set at 443 in stead of 80 and that it is not possible anymore to easily sniff the traffic between Homey and the router (for the hackers amongst you)

App version 2.5.6 was just released. It fixes an issue with getting attached devices on certain router types. Also the compatibility test was extended. This test can be performed from the app settings.