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Netgear Router App



This was working very well.
Sadly my router just updated to the latest firmware and now very rarely shows my mobile devices as being connected, even when I am looking at the router from my mobile on the local network. Hopefully Netgear will fix it soon.


After working well for a long time, the App crashes with the following error:


If I restart the App, it works again (I checked the password and the router comes online as a devise).

Some tests:
If I disable all flows with the Router App, the App still crashes after a couple of minutes

If I do nothing, the App crashes after a couple of minutes.

App version = v2.3.4
Homey f/w = v1.5.13


Did you reset your router?

That was my solution in the past.



With “reset” you mean a cold boot (PTP in Homey language) or a ‘restore to factory’ settings?


Ptp from the router should do it.


Indeed a PtP



Will try when I am home at the end of the day :slight_smile: