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[NEW APP] Kia UVO and Hyundai Bluelink

Just to make sure: logout of the UVO app and login again.

Yes it works, i did logout and login. And after that, i rebooted the app in Homey

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What’s the best way to enable/disable charging of the car? If I have an excess of solar energy or the price is low.
I’ve tried to set the charging limit to the lowest of “50%” and vice versa, but it’s not the best… how to completely disable/enable charging? My Wallbox (Pulsar from “Wallbox”) just have Bluetooth interface…

I would say you can best do it with a number of Homey flows

  1. disable charge schedule in the car (using the official Uvo/Bluelink app)

  2. set the charge level to 100% or 80% (80 is better for the battery longevity). You can use the official or Homey app for this.

  3. always plugin your car when at home

  4. make a flow that triggers on ‘parked’ and ‘distance’ < 0.1 (at home). Make the flow stop charging. This makes sure that you only charge the car when you really want to.

  5. create a flow to start charging when the price is low or when you have excess solar power.

  6. create a flow to stop charging when the price is high or when you do not have excess solar power

When you try it and it works, please do share the flows in this forum👍

Edit: there are other strategies as well of course. E.g. set the charge level to 50% and skip step 4. Now change step 6 and 7 to incease or decrease the charge level. But I believe this is similar to what you already tried.

This morning at 05:00, I wanted to go to work, but the 12V battery was empty.
Kona EV MY2020, latest software.

I’ve configured only one flow to test. Just as suggested.

  • make a flow that triggers on ‘parked’ and ‘distance’ < 0.1 (at home). Make the flow stop charging.

Car was plugged in, flow stops the charging.
no other flows polling anything from the car.

The only other thing I does was to set the ABRP token, open ABRP app on Android and plan a route. Left It open in background over night?

So what was draining the 12V bat?
Just the fact that the charger was plugged, and then stopped the charging via bluelink/Homey?
Or something with ABRP, which was eventually polling periodically data?

Sadly I’ve removed the flow and the app this morning in a rush, so there are no logs :frowning:

That is very unfortunate😟
How did you manage to get the car going again?

Anyhow, using abrp does not make the app poll. It just uploads data to abrp when a poll was performed, not the other way around.

The ‘car parked’ only triggers once if the car is stationary (I use that myself). Only on very bad GPS reception the car might report a large movement even while stationary.

Are you sure you did not make other flows to start or stop charging e.g. on price or solarpower change? Any command to the car will also drain the battery.

So without the logs it is difficult to find out what happened.

It seems the problem is not related to you app.

If the car is plugged in, and the charge was stopped via app/bluelink, the 12V battery keeps draining.
At least according to my knowledge so far.
I stay tuned…

I had to get a new software update last month for my onboard charger (kia eniro). So it could be a software problem of the car…