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[NEW APP] Kia UVO and Hyundai Bluelink

No, as far as I have tried myself, the UVO credentials are not the same as the MijnKia ones. So I guess you have to reset your UVO credentials (you can do that from the UVO app - My Account - Change password). The username is shown in the top of My Account.

Actually, there is a Reset and Change PIN, but only a Change password. For that to work, one would need the original one, that I apparently lost (as I assumed it was the same as Mijnkia.nl, that I changed). I guess this is not something to discuss here. I will contact Kia about it. Thanks!

good luck!

In the mean time, I have version 1.5.0 ready :partying_face:

  • Added action flow cards for A/C on/off, Defrost on/off, set Temp.
  • Added lat/lon capabilities/flow tokens (device delete and repair needed!).
  • Fix step 0.5 target temperature.
  • Improved pairing.

I uploaded it both to the Athom app store, and the community app store. Let’s see which one has it available faster :slight_smile:
(@MaxvandeLaar ^)


New version is online in the Homey Community Store :wink: This time with ABRP working as well!


Athom vs Community store : 0 - 1


( not that it is any kind of competition :joy:)


Tried again just now, works like a charm … my compliments! Ps. For the ones, also needing new password for UVO-App (and missing option Reset Password in My Account): just logout and re-login: Login screen has option to reset Password :expressionless:

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And yet another update of the app.


  • Fix live data from app and flow.
  • Fix condition cards.
  • Added flow cards for car moving, parked, closed&locked.

Already available on the community app store: https://store.homey.community/app/com.gruijter.hyundai_kia

Athom vs Community store : 0 - 2



I really like your app and I’m now experimenting with a flow that based on a calendar entry start AC but I have a technical question about the app:

When I start to poll car when engine is off (using a flow card), will it then always stop after a couple of minutes or is stop polling triggered by an engine shut off event (obviously there won’t be such an event since it was never turned on)?


When using a flow card to start polling, Homey will do a single poll and then stop polling again, unless:

  • the engine is on
  • the A/C is on
  • the heater is on
  • the car has moved its position

It will continue to poll until 3 minutes after the above conditions are all false.

If you start polling the car via the ‘live data’ button in the Homey app, it will poll for three minutes. (unless one of the above conditions is met)

If you start polling via remote cloud call (HTTP GET), it will also poll for three minutes. (unless one of the above conditions is met)

New app version 1.6.1 is ready, and uploaded to both the Homey store and the community store.

Biggest changes:

  • Added short URL for remote force (via Bit.ly)
  • Improved parked detection.
  • Disable/Enable live data and control from flow (privacy mode).

Force live status updates when your phone connects to the car’s Bluetooth

For Android and iOS there are apps that automatically trigger Homey to start getting live updates as soon as your phone connects to the car’s Bluetooth. In the automation script you need to open a specific web-page (HTTP GET). The URL of this page can be found in the advanced device settings. By using a optional URL shortener from Bit.ly, the URL is now nice and simple e.g. https://bit.ly/A2TiGLk

Privacy mode

To temporarily disable Homey being able to get live (location) data, you can create a flow with the action card ‘Disable Homey control and live data’. By adding this to your favorite flows, you can fully disable the connection that Homey has with the car from the Homey app. This means that no data is received or logged by Homey, but also that no controls can be sent to the car via Homey. Create a second flow with the action card ‘Enable Homey control and live data’ to enable the connection again.


Athom vs Community store : 0 - 3


For everyone who wants permanent data retrieval while driving. As an example, the location query is to be made with two flows. So while the engine is on, the position is sent to my LaMetric-Time every 3 minutes.

Data on Flow every 3 minutes.

Position Flow

Thx 4 sharing!

But I do NOT advice to do a remote refresh every 3 minutes from a flow. This will drain your battery within half a day! By the way: if you do want to do that, it would be easier to use the built in function I created for that. See the device advanced settings, and set the ‘force live’ to e.g. 5 minutes.

Secondly, the app will continue to poll by itself while the engine is on. It will use the refresh rate as set in the advanced device settings. The default for that is 1 minute.

So all you need to do is use a single flow with one flowcard 'the car has moved` to update your laMetric. Similar to this:

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Doesn’t the battery charge while driving ?

yes, the battery charges while driving, so that is why it is no problem to poll the car while the engine is on. But when the car is parked, Homey does not know when the engine is turned on, until it polls it actively.

Ah wait, I see. In undertakers flow he checks if the engine is on, and then starts polling. So that will not drain the battery. But it will also never start polling when the car is parked, because Homey will never switch the status ‘engine on’ until it is triggered somehow.

The app would be awesome if the data query were to run for another 3 minutes after switching off the engine with an interval of 10 seconds. This would enable flows that could, for example, control the light or a smart lock.


The app does continue to poll 3 minutes after engine shut off. But 10 seconds interval is not possible. One poll takes at least 15-25 seconds.

But I don’t really understand your use case. I made a flowcard ‘car has parked’ that you e.g. can use to switch on lights in your home. Is that what you are looking for?

I will test it.

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Or maybe even better do this:

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And yet another version is ready. v1.7.0:

  • Added Estimated Time To Home (ETTH) - repair needed!
  • Added Heading Home - repair needed!
  • Updated icons.

ETTH and Heading Home

Based on the car’s motion path, Homey will estimate if it is heading for home. The car must be driving for at least 5 minutes, and within the set maximum distance from home. In the advanced settings you can enter a confidence level for the ‘heading home’ estimation, and the maximum distance from home.

Secondly, Homey will give a rough estimate of the time it will take to get home, based on the beeline distance and average speed from the last 15 minutes. This Estimated Time To Home (ETTH) will also be given outside the set maximum distance.


Athom vs Community store : 0 - 4