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[NEW APP] Outdoor AirQuality Monitor

Thanks for picking it up! Yeah I notice the Aqicn project has a lot more coverage. Looking forward to it!

There are no active sensors close to where I live (in Sweden). A third alternative source could be Luftdaten. Those are home built sensors. Huge network around Europe+. https://maps.luftdaten.info/#4/47.62/5.76 See https://luftdaten.info/ for more info.

@rindler did you check with the new service that will be in the next app release?

I will have a look at luftdaten. But first I have to get aqicn running and released :slight_smile:

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Yep, still some 120km away… With luftdaten it’s less than 1km. But no hurry! :blush:

Obviously @mapulu has now created a Luftdaten app https://apps.athom.com/app/com.luftdaten so that source is not needed for your app. Thanks anyway!

Too late, I finished it this morning. So in a next app release it is there,:joy:

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V 1.1 was released in the appstore this morning :partying_face:



It adds a new service provider of worldwide air quality data: The World Air Quality Index (http://waqi.info) . You can see a map of stations in your area by following this link: http://aqicn.org/here/

You need an API key, but I included a key in the app already. I am not sure if that will continue to work however if many Homey users start using the app. I have asked permission to use it for Homey, but I haven’t had any response yet. So get your own key if you want to be on the safe side: http://aqicn.org/data-platform/token/#/

The next app release will include Luftdaten as service provider. I have the code ready, but still need to test a bit more for stability and usability.


Great work. One suggestion…
Is it possible for you to write output of the values on some kind of line graph (fade green to red), so user has quick overview of what is good or bad value without searching the internet for refference. Or at least add good,medium,bad flags.


Well, I could add a device that shows the air quality index from waqi. http://aqicn.org/scale/

Would more people be interested in that?

Would u be adble to make a combination device that covers all sources and types ?

You mean one device that gets its data from multiple services? That is not something I want to do right now. Why would you want that?

To prevent having multiple devices with same info … or multiple devices with each device just have 1 thing i use (example ).

Edit … disregard … i see the point :slight_smile:

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Whoot :partying_face:

New version 1.2.0 just got released in the app store. Most important changes:

  • New icons made by @DaneedeKruyff (Many thanks to him!)

  • Information added on how far a station is from your Homey

  • Luftdaten added as service. They only do PM2.5 and PM10, but with a very fast update of once per minute! And if they don’t have a station near you, you can easily participate and build your own DIY sensor that uploads live data :slight_smile:

  • During device pair you now get to see the 5 closest stations to choose from. This will give you the best data continuity/quality. For ease you can still select @Homey station, to get the nearest data on every poll.

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In this case my combination request is appropiate again :slight_smile:

So lufdaten and openaq combine so one icon takes the closest and best available data.

Now i need openaq for the rest and luftdaten for the 2.5 / 10 since that one is closer to my location for those 2 then openaq. Both devices will show 2.5 and / 10

Would be nice if one tile could combine the best / closest option for all data combined ?

Thanks fir the good job by the way :slight_smile:

So u want 6 things combined in 1 tile?
Imagine how big that tile would need to be.

I think he means he want the tiles within a device from different sources

So in this example PM2.5 and PM10 from one source and some others from another source, am I right @Dennis_H74?

Correcto :slight_smile:

I now have 2 different devices that BOTH show 2.5 and 10 from different sourses.

Not sure if you can combine data from 2 sources in one device off course … but would be nice.

@Rocodamelsheki sorry for using “tile” … i mean “apparaat” but then in english :slight_smile:

(Device :wink: )

Ah, ok.

Tjeeeeez … brainfreeze :slight_smile: