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[NEW APP READY NOW] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002


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And, does it work well?



The M 0,24 its that good? I think wrong?

In the display you also need to manually set the max and min levels, just as in my Homey app. See the user manual of the display.

@Gruijter can you please tell me, on above “error logs”, occasional drop-outs I provided logs to above, do you know if TS-FT002 sends all values repeatedly or only those that has changed ? Eg. I observed recently that temperature keep changing but water level/air gaps values are not updated for past 2 hours (which is fine they didn’t actually changed but they didn’t change 2 hours either) - is that expected behavior or device keep sending all values despite of they changed or not. I wonder if I have signal issue or not, considering amount of errors/warnings “invalid message length received”. Thank you.

The message is send twice, immediately after another, every 3 minutes. The message includes all data, so both temperature and air gap. It is normal to get errors like invalid message length or crc failure due to Homey not receiving a message correctly. A message that is received correctly will immediately update the Homey sensor status for all values (but if they didn’t change, they won’t change :smirk:)

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Its working now we have i pipe 65mm and 450mm long en its working

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how is it that it is not refreshed while hours ago the water tank is completely filled and on the display it changes but not to homey how
is this possible?

4769de10-bee6-47de-9a37-098df3fc66ef This is thé diagnostiek

What does the app log shows ? Check it before it will get overwritten. I assume it lost signal but frankly, I see from time to time such “breaks” as well. Luckily not so often.

The reception of the display is much better then that of Homey. So due to interference it can very well be that Homey cannot decode the signal while the display can.

That is also what it shows in the diagnostic you sent.

can I improve on this or what are the possibilities? maybe pair again? because got homey yesterday
couple x testart because some was testing

On the software side there is nothing you can do. You just need to put Homey closer to the sensor or vice versa.

It have a two weeks working en homey can not
Closer than have now problem

Radio signals … They vary with the weather and other nearby radio sources that cause interference.

If you want to make sure you really need to try if it works again when the sensor is closer to Homey. If it still doesnt work if it is only 1 meter apart then maybe the unit is broken. But from an app perspective I cannot help you at the moment. The logs show corrupt data being recieved by Homey.

it is also possible to extend the antenna