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New Homey Wear OS app

You’ve made my day!:partying_face:

Hi, thanks for your tip. However, off course this is not the way it should work. When I have some spare time I’ll definitely look into it and fix it.

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I have the TicWatch Pro 3 with WearOS. I installed this app and I was very hopefull, but it crashed when starting it. I tried the suggested workaround but it didn’t work. With only one favorite device it started but when adding more it crashes again. I hope you can fix it :slight_smile:

I have tried the app for my new Samsung Watch 4 Classic.
Loged in on the phone. restart the app and then the app crashes.
Removed all the favorites and add 1 favorite.
Then i added the old favorites again (14 in total) and now they all show
up in the android Wear OS 3 app on my watch.
By clicking on a temperature sensor the app crashes.
For now i try the app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic. App crashes when you try to activate anything. Also tried with just one favorite device. Still crashes.

Edit: Lights work, lock crashes the app.

Edit2: Tried adding a virtual on/off switch. App crashes on start.