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New Homey with Somfy rts 3.1.1 app not connecting with screen



Hi All,
I try to link my screen for the first time to my new homey but it doesn’t seem to work. I put the screen in programming mode. It Goes up and down. Then i push on the app the programmer button … but no reaction on the screen.

Someone any idea

Rgds Dirk


Hey Dirk,

Didn’t you mean you’ve put the remote in learning mode? Don’t know if that’s the same as putting your screen into programming mode.

I’ve succesfully connected our blinds and screens a couple of weeks ago to a Homey 2019


Hi Ferry, thanks for your answer, but its programming mode, there is prog button at the back of the switch buttons.

In total I have 6 screens, they are currently controled with one somfy controller called NINA IO, not with individual switches. https://www.zonwering-onderdelen.nl/downloads/dl/file/id/693/product/0/handleiding_somfy_nina_io.pdf

But I can control the screens with the NINA as well as the individual switches. So I assumed that Homey could also be added.

Rgds Dirk


Hi Dirk, unfortunately you can’t control IO motors with an RTS app since IO is some sort of closed protocol while RTS is an open protocol.

I’ve made a decision to choose for Somfy RTS motors because i knew RTS is supported by Homey.

Maybe you can do a quick search on the forum how IO could be controlled otherwise…


You need a TaHoma of Connexoon.

then you can use


Thx all for the support! Its indeed a IO protocal I have unfortunately.