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Look at the test version on the store. That one is already available for v5 users.

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how do I find the test version ?

Type test behind the url

I’ve installed the experimental version of ikea trådfri 1.8.4 (/test) but the shortcut button is not available.
I’m on homey v 5.0.

Have you managed to install the shortcut button?

It’s not supported by the IKEA app (test or otherwise).

Ok! Thanks :slight_smile:

Any update on the shortcut button?

As long its not mentiond as supported device in the app store… no

But ofcourse you did make a request for supporting this device right?

Yes of course! I did that five minutes from now! :wink:


Looks like there is support in the test version in app store. Haven’t tested it out yet, but looks promising!

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Ok Marius… How do I install the experimental version? :slight_smile:

In a browser, go to the app in the store. edit the url by adding /test at the end. If there is a test version, you should see a page with an orange banner saying it is an experimental version. Install from there.

Thank you, installing now!

Tested my shortcut button but it doesn’t work after pairing. Reported to Athom support so waiting now.

Mine is working ok, wrongly reports low battery

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Same here.
It pairs easy with the Ikea app (the bleu one: for use without the Ikea hub)
but flows does not respond on a push-action.


Can somebody help me ?
I am trying to reach the developer of the Ikea Tradfri app for the shortcut button problem.
When i go to the page with the testversion there is a line that says: “If you have any problems with this app please contact the developer. Click here”
But when i click i am landing on a support page with common issues (f.i. how i can install my first app :wink: )
I would like to help the developer but what if i cannot reach him/her ?

Or is Athom playing hide and seek ?



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Closing in favor of the other topic about the same device:

Lets keep the discussons en questions centralized.