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New low cost P1 energy measuring Wifi "dongle"

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It would be great if not only the data can be read, but you could control a switch when a certain amount of netto energy is ‘over’. For instance: if 2 kW is delivered to the net, switch on the electricaly heated water buffer. Specially with the disapearing ‘salderingsregeling’.

Isn’t that the function of Homey…?
The app delivers you data and with Homey you can decide what to do with it, for instance switching on the electrically heated water buffer.

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Correct, you will get a measure_power that can go negative (you are delivering back to the net) and hence with Homey you activate anything you like. The app I am working on is purely delivering the integration data and a flow trigger.

Ok an update from me.
As of yesterday I received the Homewizard Wifi dongle that got supported by several donations.
I would like to thank those that did a paypal donation.

I’ve started coding here on github which is basically a re-code from the original Homewizard Application but without all the subparts. I utilize the existing JSON request but struggle a but with getting the JSON payload parsed in the “getStatus” function that resides in the driver.

Maybe some more advanced javascript developer knows the error I made or brain-fart which is currently bugging me. Stairing blind after a few hours and 1am going to bed is not good.

Source code is here: https://github.com/jtebbens/Homewizard-Energy

Unfortunately I cannot help you with your Javascript question, @Jeroen_Tebbens.

But I have ordered the HW P1 dongle and it will arrive tomorrow.
So if you need someone for testing, feel free to contact me. Can do a cli install if needed.

Thanks @Henk_Renting I will let you and others know when it is ok to test.
Current version in github runs as an app, you can add the device but it fails to import/update the values in the meters on the device so useless for now. But app-wise its a start.

Just installed the Github version. Like a charm!
So that part is working fine here. :slight_smile:
Will try to install/connect the dongle tomorrow after I have received it.


Hi Jeroen i’m no programmer but might this be of any help?

Klopt dit gebruik ik al. Gaat om de code zelf.

maybe @Dijker or @robertklep can have a look at it?

Robert did help this afternoon but had a meeting to attend


Alright fixed, have a working app!
Still needs cosmetic updates (text and icons).

Github source here: https://github.com/jtebbens/Homewizard-Energy


Looking forward to it also bought one!

APP post started here: [APP] Homewizard Energy (stable: x beta: v0.0.5)

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Yeeejj. Mine arrived today. Will give it a go this evening. Keep you posted

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Got it working here.


How do I install it? Is it not available on the community app store?

It is in the community store see link in the app forum. It is not available yet in the Homey App Store (yet).


I can not install it on my pro v5, only on my early 2016 v4.2

Sorry don’t have v5 so can’t answer.