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New Nest Home integration development (pledged 130Euro)

I don’t know of the camera works I only have the thermostat. You can read everything here : https://community.home-assistant.io/t/i-made-a-crappy-nest-thermostat-integration-that-will-work-as-a-stopgap-until-alternatives-come-out/139270

It was a little hard to understand how home assistant works. But you can find everything on Google . So it’s not to hard I had it fixed in a small day. I made a script for this kind of things and homey just pushes to home assistant to strat the script.

There is camera support in HA with this intergration, but i wonder if they will be available in homey also

I dont know these are the options that you have in homey

If i look in the comments in the threat i see that the camera’s are part of the sensors???. I see sensor in the device selection?? so maybe…