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[NEW UPDATE] Magister for Homey (v3.2.2)



Magister has changed the security. This is good, because their security has improved :slight_smile:
For the Homey app, and all other software that is using the unofficial Magister api, this however means that we are experiencing issues with login. Every few days Magister changes a certain access key. In the last app v3.2.2 this access key should be found automatically after a few hours. This is the first time that the key has changed since app v3.2.2. So I have good hope that the login errors will go away within a few hours from now. If not, it’s back to the drawing board :thinking:


The login broke around 4pm yesterday because Magister changed the access key. The Homey app can login again since around 7am this morning. Next time Magister changes its access key it should work again within 2 hours.