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Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT

I must miss something…
I dont get the nice dahboard
Only gets this.


i installed Nodered in a Docker on my nas, added the apps on Homey, my broker is now, i changed the ip on Nodered and it says it`s connected, but when i switch a lamp in the homey app there is no debug output. What am i doing wrong?

Did you connect the Client and Hub also to the broker?
Can you guy’s install this application on a desktop and connect to the broker?

Does it get any information?

@Kalle_Kronbeck: I do see a switch on your dashboard screenshot… I’m not sure what you where expecting to see… Something exactly like mine? The whole deal with the Node red dashboard is that you can customize it just like you want. Add all kinds of widgets, buttons, graph’s, sliders, layout… and connect it to any device you like. It’s not a preconfigured dashboard like Homey-dash… You need to add all the functionally yourself. It’s fully customizable.

aaaahhh I thought it would give me more widgets etc
I will try putting that togheter myself :slight_smile:

aaaahhh I thought it would give me more widgets etc

It gives you more “Widgets”. These are all UI elements you can add to your form and customize the way you want. If you want a button that executes a specific task, it can do that. If you want a gauge that shows a specific value (temperature / humidity / or any sensor) it can do that. You just need to drag it to the form and couple the right source to it.

But if you want an instant Dashboard, without lots of customization, the Homeydash project might be more suitable.

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Well… the future plan is to code a dedicated Homey-receive and Homey-sent node-plugin for Node red. This will eliminate the need for the 3 MQTT apps. I think it’s doable by copy parts of the Homey Dash code. I did a quick look at the Homey-ink source code (this is the base code of homey Dash). And I don’t think it’s too complicated. But I’m not experienced in Java script or node-red programming. (But I do know the basics of Java script / C / VB / Python/ Pascall / delphi / php etc programming, so I’m not a complete noob :wink:). The main question about the Homey-ink project I have right now, is if new data from Homey (like a light switch pressed) get’s pushed to the Homey-ink dashboard, or does the Homey-ink needs to poll the data constantly.

Anyhow… it would help if a homey-dash project insider could create a simple push and pull example.

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Does anyone got a working forecast in a dashboard.
I would prefer from YR.no

There are several weather data nodes you can install. There’s also a YR node. Haven’t tried it, but if you want weather information on your dashboard, I would first try a couple of the installable ones.

I downloaded that but didnt know how to use it. Will try more this weekend.
Worked more with my dashboard and got switches, gauges and diagrams to work.
But is there a way to get the status of switch/lamp?
If if It’s turned on for example by another flow or switch the switches on my dashboard wont know that.

The same way like you did the gauges an diagrams. Just monitor the MQTT message stream when you switch a light outside of node red. there’s probably a message like:

homie/homey-topic/lightname/onoff : msg.payload : string[4]

I did made an example in the openings post.

Is someone already working on an nod-red-homey plugin? :grinning:
That would simplify a lot of things!


But if Homey has à flow that turns somerhing on for a example on a time or a flow with a lux value, i must in that flow also send a mqtt message that It’s turnes on? I wonder if there is a way to monitor a state of a switch/lamp

I mean when Homey itself, not by MQTT.
Schedules and other triggers inside homey dont send mqtt messages or have I missed that feature?
I have Mosquitto running on a Ubuntu server togehter with node-red.
Only have the MQTT client on my Homey

No it shouldn’t be necessary to send a MQTT message inside the flow. If a light gets switched (or adjusted) Homey (the MQTT hub app) should automatically sent MQTT messages about the state of the light. Just monitor the MQTT stream and see what happens if you activate a light from a flow.

It works fine in my scenery. If I start a flow that adjusts all the lights, all the switches in the node red dashboard are set accordingly. I’m using lots of mi-lights over here, maybe other brands wont work? Maybe restart the MQTT Hub? (also, look in the hub settings, for a list of devices coupled to the MQTT stream)

I dont use the Homey mqtt hub. Only mqtt client

I like it, thanks. One question, how did you manage those “big” icons in the buttons? When I try to use a separate icon it ends up small.

Homey itself (without an app) doesn’t publish anything over MQTT, you need the “hub” app for that.

I like it, thanks. One question, how did you manage those “big” icons in the buttons? When I try to use a separate icon it ends up small.

If you put fa-2x or fa-4x before the icon it scales it.
Like: fa-4x fa-snowflake-o
Sadly, works only for Font Awesome icons

I dont use the Homey mqtt hub. Only mqtt client

Well… that explains why you cant get the state of the light in Node-red :wink:
You need the Client and the hub for two way communication. (Allthough I dont understand how you created these bold items without the hub:

…and got switches, gauges and diagrams to work.

Unless the gauges and diagrams are feed outside of homey

Some values like lux, temp and hum comes with mqtt from other devices and post on my mosquitto. And then Homey reads them.
If I install hub on my Homey. Does every flow I have that turns things on and off then also sends mqtt message. Or do I have to implemnt that myself?

It sends MQTT data from every device by default, unless you uncheck that device in the Hub settings. (So you might uncheck these lux and temp devices otherwise MQTT data gets send twice) It doesn’t send MQTT data if a flow starts, but the devices that are controlled by the flow will send MQTT data…

Maybe you should just try it? :wink: