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Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT

Thank you for sharing.
I have added 3496 lines of JSON to a new Node-RED project and everything looks fine.

I’m also notice already a few nice settings you have used and some thing I can learn from.
Need to install some dependencies to get the graphical dashboard to show up.
I wil give it a try later.

Thank you very much!

If anyone is running a Node Red dashboard via an Android device, FYI I created a Homey App so you control your device via Homey. For info see topic.


Maybe you followed the guide in the first post as I did, and I noticed there is a small ‘error’ in the JSON you copy. Check if the topic names are correct after you use find/replace to put in your own names. One entry is different from the rest (if I recall correct it is the name of a light in the MQTT input block) so that one isn’t replaced properly.

You’re welcome! Have fun :smiley:

Hi @Satoer,

Did you describe anywhere how you mounted the tablet? With hidden cables etc.?
Or are you aware of a good resource regarding this topic?

Thanks, Roger

Looking great!

I just started experimenting with Node-red, I love it. It not only gives you a dashboard but way more control. I am Tuya Converting my plugs and switches(which are capatible) and installed node-red en MQTT broker on my Pi. Working great with MQTT Client and Tasmota MQTT.

Would it not be great to have node-red installed on Homey? So you can have flow only for standard users and flows/node-red for Tinkers and experienced users.

Hi, today I succesfully imported your very nice energy dashboard page. I would like to share the things I had to do to fire it up, for the benefit of other users. I use a plugwise energie monitor and my solarpanel inverter is from Goodwe. I use the homey SolarPanels (Zonnepanelen) app and the Plugwise Smile app.

On import I had to remove the Solar input node and connect the switch outputs for solar panel readings to the two solar panel input functions.

The first run delivered some errors in functions in the debugwindow. Caused by:

  • retrieving global variables that do not exist
  • Use Mqtt input instead of the solar module in the input functions
  • persistent storage json files that cannot be found.

The solution to the first is quite simple. If you add the code ||0 (or zero) to the global.get statements in the variable declarations in the functions, the variables resolve to zero in case the variable does not exist yet. Now the variables resolved to “undefined” which causes the functions to fail.
The second error was caused by the two solarpanel input functions, I commented out the first line which reads a fancy msg object, the mqtt input from the homey app is just a simple payload string.

I still have to figure out how to create the persistent storage json files.

I also had to set my initial meter readings and the start year of the gasmeter in two functions to initialize current values. And change the input switch functions to listen to my own mqtt server and the right homey topics.

Some fintuning needed, but it works fine. Thanks for sharing.