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Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT

Thanks for the help. That is somewhat the same that I have made, but the problem is that also the “input” arrays are sorted although I dont sort them in the code.

then copy the input array to a new array perhaps, and use that one for sorting.

I have done that also, like presented in the example code. But it will still sort the input array also.

you need to use push (for existing array’s):


m_out_sorted = m_out_sorted.sort((a,b) => a-b);


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I am no programmer, but would love to have this working. Have spent quite a few hours to get it up and working - but how to get the layout and buttons working as I want seems to be out of my grasp. To be honest I do not want to learn to be good at this - just want to make it work and fulfill my basic demands to help my wifey to easily use our Homey.

Would it be possible to get your full code for your tab (to import to my own Node-RED) - so I can change to my values and connection and learn from what you have done as I go? It is more or less exacly how I want my layout to be and I ask politely and respect your choice if not to. But it would help me a lot! :wink: Thank you and have a great evening/day! :slight_smile:

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