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Non z-wave door/window sensor, any tips?

I have several door/window sensors.
Fibaro - zwave - it works, but comparing to other, it has sometimes problem with tamper alarm and battery life is less than 1Y and its expensive. You have temperature reading as add on.
Neo Coolcam - zwave - this one rocks, battery life almost 2Y, works as expected and its cheap.

But my winner is Aqara door sensor - zigbee. Its much smaller, better looking, works without problem and so far battery seems to last (6 months and still 100%).

I have pretty big zwave mesh, antenna mod and also 3 zigbee routers (switch and plugs).

I opted to go for the Aeotec power switch which should double as a ‘repeater’ in the network, to build up my z-wave mesh further. Let’s try this and hope it will allow me to use the door sensors too!


I’m gonna tone i down a notch but for my particular case you really need mesh to make both z-wave and zigbee to work. Like my garageopener which is powered needed a extender between it to work. There we are talking about 8 meters but with brick walls inbetween. You need to use the heal function in developer.athom.com and look on how the network works and how each node is connected. Try spreading powered ones around the house.

Personally I use mostly z-wave, zigbee has the same limitations but I have way more z-wave powered nodes so then it will cost me to build a zigbee mesh.

I have fibaro and neocam zwave sensors and I replace them with Aquara sensors. They are cheaper, nicer and it’s easier to install (up to 2cm space between magnet and device). I live in a modern house with thick walls and thermoglas.

The way this topic is being “moderated” is repulsive to say the least. This is a community for paying customers and motivated developers. This forum isn’t and shouldn’t be a personal playground! I see that some individuals are carelessly further damaging the Homey brand by provoking aggression instead of toning down the discussion. Somehow, this doesn’t even come as a surprise anymore.

As for me, I’m with the Aqara crew. The sensors are very small, beautiful, dirty cheap and somehow one of them is able to stay connected behind three re-enforced walls in a building polluted with a plethora of wireless signals. Try buying one of them and test the range if the z-wave switch repeater doesn’t do the trick.

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Totally agree on your first comment!

I have tested with a Aeotec smart switch right in between the door sensor and Homey, which makes the distance to either of them around 3-4 meters. In theory this should extend my z-wave mesh to make the door sensor being reached by homey v.v.
This was the theory.
In reality the door sensors still couldn’t be connected. Is there something I need to do to ‘activate’ the mesh network so that the door sensor is not trying to reach Homey directly but uses the smart switch as its hub (node) to connect with Homey?

I now see that the doorsensor directly connects to homey instead of via one of the nodes, see screenshot.
How can I enforce that it connects via the smart switch?

The sensor doesn’t seem to have had a working route yet.

I would place the sensor close to the Smart Switch and then click on “Heal”. Then the sensor must be woken up directly (I think 3x quickly press the small button inside). Then check if the sensor is routed over the Smart Switch. Then I would place the sensor at its destination and check it.

Thanks @fantross that did the trick! Awesome.

Only thing is… Why does it keep giving the tampering alarm? It is just fixed to my door, standing still.

I suspect the tamper alarm will go off after a certain amount of time.

While the sensor is offline, Homey will not get an update from it. After reconnecting, the alarm should be off.

No this is not the case unfortunately. It will set the contact alarm correctly but it keeps (even after 2 hours) the tampering alarm still sticks to ‘on’. Really strange…

The default WakeUp interval is 86400 seconds (= 24 h).

Try to open and close the case of the door sensor (activate tamper alarm again). I had this problem with Fibaro sensor, there was also one tamper button from the bottom of sensor that need to be pressed once sensor is intalled.