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Notifications delete


Hello,it is possible to delete the notifications with a flow


Would like to have an option like this also,
For example after a week or so


yes that’s what I had in mind


It’s just a matter of asking the right person for the right answer.
The right person will be someone from Athom. There are forms to fill in and emailadresses to send mail to. All can be found in the welcome post on this forum or on the Athom website.
If you guys wanna discuss this here that’s fine with me. Please don’t complain when you heared nothing from Athom ( the place to ask this kind of feature requests) when you didn’t make requests directly to Athom as this is a community forum.


It was just a question of whether someone has done this before


Ok. In that case the answer will be no.




Did this requests directly to Athom months ago through google form