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NUE Zigbee switches


Hi - I’m a newbie to the home automation scene - We are currently building a new house, so are looking at integrating smart switches from the get-go. I have found the following NUE zigbee switches that look promising, but am not sure it will work with Homey, which is currently my preferred controller.

Before we invest in any tech I want to make sure it will all work…does anyone have any experience with these switches? They apparently work with the Phillips Hue bridge, but don’t really want to have to buy a bridge just to control it through Homey. The only other app that mentions NUE is Feibit, but that only supports the plug.



My app should be able to support the nue switch, I’m on holidays but send me a message and I’ll check it out.


Thanks Jamie, that would be great! We are also looking at the 2 and 3 gang switches, as well as the dimmers.


I will only add support if they are also rebranded febit devices, but I imagine that the (single) switches could even be added as a generic device. Dual switches and dimmers are a horse of a different colour though. I would be happy to help out, but as I dont own any of the devices I cant actually do it by myself.

Please make sure you do your diligence and ensure that these devices are certified for use in Australia, when I looked at them (on whirlpool) it was ambiguous as to whether or not they are certified (some were, some were not, some were expired). If a device which is not certified causes a fire it will void your home insurance.

Personally myself and other Australians tend to use either fibaro/aeotec behind the Clipsal Saturn range, but it does tend to get pricey.


Thanks Jamie, yes - I’ve been reading the stuff on whirlpool too which was a bit concerning, so I called and had a conversation with the guy at Lectory and he has provided the following in terms of certification.

They’re not in the SAA register, but the above certificate is available on the Global Mark register using 104555 as the client id. Is the Global Mark register legally the same as SAA, or is it a dodgy method to get approval in Aus?

Our other option is the aeotec solution, but if we went this way we’d probably only do a few switches due to the price.


Sorry I don’t know the difference between SAA and a Global Mark.