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Nuki V2.0 support


Me too, don’t have had this. If you’re using a Bridge > Has your Bridge a fix Ip?


So as Athom on Slack wrote it works for those who have installed the Non-Athom-Nuki-App before they removed them.


Thnx for the reply’s, yes im using the bridge with fixed ip. It worked well with the community app. But the athom app says re-authorise


I am using the Nuki App by Athom and had no prob to pair the device. :thinking::man_shrugging:
That one has been updated latest on 18.01.19


Ok, i’ve updated the app and readded the lock, lets see what happens


Nope, still the same issue.


Huh… I got v1.0.3 installed and the Nuki App on my iOS (of course).
Did you pair it in the iOS / android App before?


Jep ive got the 1.0.3 and paired it with the iOS app first with is working fine. i saw that 1.0.4 is availible so i will give that a try