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Official V1 'Homey' Smartphone App



Thanks! :slight_smile: Hope you guys manage to find a solution in the near future!


We are currently working on a fix and we are looking for some testers.
If you are interested in testing this fix, please send a email to support@athom.nl with the subject: ‘Invite for internal test 2.4.11’ and the email address used for your Google play store account.

We can only add a small amount of testers.


Just removed both the normal version and preview version of the app. Removed the phone from https://my.athom.com/#/phones. Re-installed the preview one and finally it is working. The normal one does not work.


Yep, did the same here and can confirm that’s the only way I found it to be working. Only in the preview app, after clearing the cache first and deleting the app, removing the phone and reinstalling the app and finally manually changing all flows to work with the ‘newly’ added phone. The regular app is broken though, although the morse messages do work.


After updating the app.
Notifications working again

Presence is not working