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Old plugwise plugs to Homey


Ive been using plugwise via stretch for quite some time now, and ive also got a plugwise set that works with the source USB stick/software.

The Stretch plugs have a (HEX) ID of 6 characters and the source plugs have a ID of 6 characters. So the source plugs wont show up in the stretch.

So I would like to know if I can connect both types of plugs to the Homey. In that case I will consider buying one!

thanx in advance!!

Greetings Wester Devilee

I have connected this device: https://www.plugwise.com/nl_NL/products/plug directly to Homey. Is it the same plug?

I am not aware of Source or Stretch plugs. The website does not contain any information on those. They may be older products.