One flow for and add all smoke sensors


I have got several smoke sensors in the house and want to make one flow and add all the smoke sensors to it. Is the only sollution the app “Device Groups” or is there another trick to get it work.

Rutger Jan


Use the An alarm turned on Devices flow card and select the Alarm type you want to trigger on:


What kind of smoke detectors are they? Z-wave? If so I would recommend to set up associations so that a triggered unit sends a broadcast to all other units that support smoke alarm broadcasts, like sirens and other smoke detectors do.

In case of a fire I would not trust a controller to wake me up, even if it’s a Homey :slight_smile:


Yes I have fibaro smoke detectors. Do I put all the sensors in the same associations group?


Thanks now it’s time to test.


All you have to do is to set parameter 13 to 1. This way a broadcast on association groups 2 and 4 will be sent.


Do you mean under expert parameter?


Yes. Enter 13,1,1


And the last thing is to place the sensors in associaties group 2?


Just to find out u cannot use them as a siren? The Fibaro smokesensors will not listen to any broadcast to save battery life. Like @DaneedeKruyff mentioned u can sort of “group” them for triggering a flow but not to let them all go make a sound.


Ouch, right you are Rocodamelshe… Good catch!
Fibaro Smoke Sensors does not react to broadcast… so only way is to get separate sirens (outlet powered, not on battery) if you want to have a z-wave system not depending on the controller in case of fire.