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Onkyo app not in sync


Need some help maybe from developer @Jorden?
Maybe more people has the same problems?

Running : Homey v2.0.4-rc. with Onkyo app 2.04.

The onkyo app is connected to my receiver TX-NR626
When i poweron my receiver thru remote(IR) the device on the mobile card isn’t changing the status, so i don’t know in the homey app if the receiver is on or off.

I have run the onkyo app in development mode ( athom cli) and i see the power on/off in the console log , so the app is receiving the commands but they are not processed.

Second problem is the volume slider , when i push the speaker+ or - icon the volume goes to maximum or minimum, don’'t know if this is normal behaviour?
Also slider is also not updated when i use the ir remote and also here i see the commands received in the athomcli.

i have tryed to add some flows but didn’t help.

And as last a request, please add a mute button to the default mobile card i’am missing that.
Can fix this with a virtual switch and some flows, but would be nice to have this is the default card.


If you can see the power on/off done by your remote in the app, it should be processed. Otherwise there is a bug in my code.

Sadly, I don’t have my Onkyo anymore so I cannot test anymore…


For the power on/off state: same here on 1.5.13. If switched on/off via Homey it shows correctly (obvious). If done by remote, Homey state isn’t updated.
Not sure about the volume part, but i try to test it tonight.
For the record, it doesn’t bother me much because i mostly know what the state is and only sometimes use Homey to switch inputs or switch it off/on.


Thanks @PetervdK for testing it on 1.5.13, same behavior on FW 1.x and 2.x.
Can conclude that this has never work correctly?

@Jorden, can you check the code? Happy to test it.
I’am not a programmer but i understand de code a little bit (still in learning :grinning:) so if you can point me in the right direction maybe i can fix it?
Please send me a PM (can be in dutch)


Tried it tonight but i discovered there is a bigger problem now. At this moment the Onkyo doesn’t respond to any change i make via the Homey app. Don’t know since when this is, i didn’t use it recently.

The app was updated in December, i think that must be the cause. Will try to uninstall/install the app later this evening. Can’t do it now, the family is watching “Who is the Mole” and if i f*ck up i will have war… :stuck_out_tongue:

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On Homey v2 in the mobile app, the + goes all the way up (100%) and the - goes all the way down (0%). You can use the slider itself to get to inbetween values.


Restarted the Onkyo app and switching on/off or changing volume via the app works again.
However, the app still doesn’t get updated when doing this by the Onkyo remote. I don’t know if this should happen instantly because the Onkyo pushes this or maybe with a delay because the Onkyo get’s polled with intervals by the app.
Will try tonight what happens over a larger time period.


Sadly no response anymore in this topic from @Jorden.

Its a great app, but would be nice to know if the receiver is on or off or what the current volume is.

Same as light appliances , you want to know if the lights or on/off if your using a wallswitch and homeyapp!

Again @jorden, happy to test it for you.