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Only sent a push to a user at home or prevent sending a text when I'm not at home

I am struggling with push notifications. Mainly in two situations.

  1. I want only a push notification when going from home when also there is nobody there. So if there is still someone at home, I should not get one. Like a notification that I forgot to close the balcony door. It isn’t needed if there is some one at home. If that person leaves he/she should get that notification only. Because I am already far gone.

  2. I want only a push notification when I at home. Jut the other way around. When the laundry is done, someone not at home shouldn’t get this one.

I tried to use
WHEN specific person A is leaving
AND now one is at home
THEN notify that the balcony is still open

But while leaving home, that seems a state when I still are at home because the AND part is not true. Which is weird.

There should be a way to configure this right?

Did u try this without the AND part?
Because when the last person leaves, there should be no one at home anyway?

I’ve wrote it all wrong, I should say: a specific person leaves, A.

Homey doesn’t store the last person as a tag which then can be used to address a push notification to.

A wild guess,when your leaving the flow starts and in split second it looks at the and part. Maybe it goes to fast so homey think the and part is not true.

So test it with a second flow.

So user x leaving
Then start flow 2 (maybe even with a delay)

This flow is started
And nobody at home
Then notify …

This would indeed work. But that creates a lot of flows. Or at least it’s more difficult to manage. I think this would work too, right?

Person A is leaving
Person B is not at home
Person C is not at home
Send notification to A

What do you consider as a lot? your famely is that big??

did you tried it :grinning:

Well, three persons. So to create flows ‘your’ way, it would be 2 flows per person for leaving. I thought the combined one is simpler.

Well, I may seem lazy (and I sometimes am) but with three people it’s quite hard testing: okay now, could yo walk a mile to test if you receive a notification? But I do not need to go anywhere. Well just do it :wink:
So I though, maybe you could say: doesn’t work, might work or works :angel:

Homey does not care about the number of flows.
I am a big fan of “more flows”, you can read why in my post “how to structure your flows”.

More flows makes it easier to understand and less chance on entanglements…


Kill WiFi would suffice?

Well not gonna test it for you, especially when others to lazy, for doing the testing themself :rofl::rofl:

But like roco said why noy not just diable the wifi :wink:

@FKey, I am not a fan of creating numerous flows, especially when it’s not needed.
@RoyWissenburg I am not asking you to test it, that’s your interpertation. I am just asking for a theoretical proofing. Sometimes an other eye can spot a flaw easier than myself.

I have 3 logic variabele for sending notifications. 1 is notifyHomeUser. Is this is changed en not changed to ‘empty’, 2 flows start running. 1 that checks if I’m home and the other one checks if my wife is home. Of I’m home, I receive the notification and the same for my wife.
2 is notifyAlways; which sends a notification to the both of us
3 is NotifyNobodyHome which notifies is when nobody is home.

The usecase for sending a notification to the person that is leaving the house seams iseless to me :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I understand your variables and flows.

Why would that be useless? There a several use case for this.

  1. If somebody leaves the house and no one is there and they forget something, like lights, heating or open doors: notification. It’s useless to send this notification if someone else is at home or isn’t.
  2. When the laundry is finished and someone isn’t home, it is unnecessary to inform that person. (Unless both are away, and they come home, but that is way to advanced for Homey).

Yes, thats my point. I have different variables that do different things. 1 for persen that sends notification to a persen thats home.
Another one that sends notification to all users when nobody is home. For example. The front door opens