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Option to Reboot or reconnect Homey



My Homey is often offline.
The flows are still working, but i can’t connect to Homey with the App.

Before the update to 2.0 i used the Candy App to reboot the Homey when there was no connection to internet.
Unfortunately, the candy app no longer works with Homey 2.0.

When I am at home, I can manually restart the Homey if I notice this.
However, when I am not at home, I can’t reach the homey and can’t control anything.
Thats makes the homey a little bit worthless for me.

Will the candy app start working with Homey again with the new version of Homey? Or is there an alternative or solution to this problem?



Before you start using stuff like candy I would send an e-mail to support@athom.com to let them find out what is going on.


You can try: https://developer.athom.com > Tools > System. At the Bottom is a Restart-Button.


Unfortunately i can’t open this option when the Homey is offline:

@Jeroen_Somhorst: Thanks, that is an option. But if there is a solution in this post, other users may also benefit from this.
But if there is no solution in this post, i will do that.:wink:


I would send that e-mail anyway. Reason is that Athom doesn’t read on the forum. And if you have a response back from Athom you can share it here.


When Homey is offline, I don’t think there’s much that will fix it. I think it’s caused by the Homey Cloud having problems.

Homey Connect is in maintenance because they are having problems…


i have also this problem from time to time. now i use my old controller (homee) to turn of the powerplug and after 20sek turn it on, daily at night :crazy_face:


Used this once when Homey-App shows “Offline”.