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Originele Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor



How many motion sensors can you connect to the homey? With me it ends already with … one. A soon as I try to connect a second one, it states the the device is already in use.

Am I missing something?



First remove it, even its never be added


I have three. As above, remove all sensors or even unistall Xiaomi app and reset sensor by keeping the button on it for 10 seconds then try again.


Currently having 8 sensors and they all work 100%


Okay, thanks for al the answers. I am re-ordering all the bits and bytes.



Hi. Did you get it work?
I am trying to pair the motion sensors and the vibration sensors as well.
Unfortunately I cannot. :roll_eyes:


Make sure that’s the sensor is very close to the homey. Then hold the button on the sensor till it starts blinking.

Then push the button a few times more.


I have 4 working sensors at my apartment something I have an problem that an sensor stops working for half an day and then suddenly it starts to work again.

Is there a way to view a logfile what is going on?


I tried many times but it just won’t happen anything. Hmm … really strange.


How many Zigbee devices did you already include to Homey; and specifically how many battery powered endDevices vs mains powered routers?

Homey’s Zigbee implementation limits the amount of endDevices to 21 per routing device (of which Homey is 1).

Going to this limit, will block further inclusion of Zigbee devices; even adding additional routers.


Right now? There’s Zero devices installed, but I’ll
check in the dev web app to be sure… though there is no issue when adding door sensors.

But as I read this - 21 zigbee devices is the limit? G! That’s pretty few! Oh - it’s 20 devices per router - okay okay that’s enough to work out well. :slight_smile:




Can you check on https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee if the Zigbee Chip is initialized?

I have seen several reports where after the update to 2.0.0, the Zigbee chip would not come online. But then no Zigbee devices can be added.


A bit off-topic, but my Human Body Sensor was triggered by the movement of my cat, I left in a hurry from Christmas dinner to find my cat lying on the couch :rofl:

Is there any way to set the sensitivity?


Sometimes I had issues after installing them. The adding was not succesfull, … but the motion sensor was added after all in the ‘apparaten lijst’.
This happened a few times. Also with other zigbee (ikea spot) devices.


No, this is not possible and the down side of this cheap sensor.


Thx for taking care, Ted.

Yes, ZigBee is up and running. Window sensor installed w/o any problems and working fine (though the battery level is not shown correctly and an exclamation mark is shown on the main screens icon of the sensor)

Then again: tried all of the motion sensors (6) and all of the shock sensors (5 or 6) - but no chance, as nothing happens. :man_shrugging: