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Osram Lightify


Please integrate the Osram Ligthify Lightstripes Outdoor.Osram Smart + ZigBee RGB LED Strip Outdoor Stripes, warm white, daylight (2000K - 6500K), dimmable, length 5m, Alexa compatible.
These are only recognized as a Zigbee device. Please, I have been waiting for a long time and have already made a request in August. Thank you


There is a beta version of the app in the Homey App store that supports the flex (lightstripe). I think it will work for the outdoor version as well.


yes I have the beta app and no the stripe is not recognized.
unfortunately not, I have 3x trained and reset it is always recognized only as a Zigbee device. Please add the Outdoor Stripe still, thank you


No this will not work for the garden (RGB) lights. I don’t understand why not this populair light is not standard


Just being curious, you did make a request for ading it into the app. Right👍


As of today nothing happend. Of course not :frowning:


In the changelog it says

  • Added product id for Lightify Flex (outdoor)

What manufacturerName, productId, deviceId and profileId does the device display which is only recognized as basic zigbee device?