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Overrule flows due to holidays...swap working week day with weekend day triggers


My house is getting pretty smart, but sometimes I bump into ‘logical problems’. Perhaps someone can give me a suggestion how to solve the following:

Today it is a Monday, so a lot of stuff (lights, heating, curtains) is triggered as a normal working day. However, since it is X-mas eve (dag van kerstnacht) the day should have been ‘handled’ as a weekend day. We all slept in!

What would be a clever way of making a working day into a weekend day, so all triggers are handled as they are during a weekend?

  1. Have a look at the build-In alarms. You can set them by day, multiple days. The cards make it possible to switch them on and off so.
  2. You can bundle a copied and altered-to-holidays set of relevant flows in a folder which you can activate and deactivate with the Candy app through a calander triggered flow.


Had the same problem, but solved it with some BetterLogic Booleans and bitflips.
In my situation:
Thuis (boolean) -> True=THUIS // False=AFWEZIG
Holiday (boolean) -> True if I am on a holiday
Schoolvakantie (boolean) -> True if kids have vacation and we are still at home

I can activate these bitflips in the app manualy and have these booleans in my flows as a condition.
IF weekdays 6.00am -> AND holiday=false -> THEN open screen frontdoor


Candy APP is great, but not working in V2. Don’t know if the developer wants to update (asked him, but no answer). So have made some booleans in BetterLogic and use them as a condition (booleans are triggerd bij some bitflips, like HOLIDAY, SCHOOLHOLIDAY)


Thanks, I never thought of that. Will have a look at the possibilities!

Yes, that is a work-around. I use the Candy App, but…

So, I guess the way to go is with Better Logic (that seems to be(come) v2 firmware capable). And, I should think of a way to rebuilt flows that I have no controlled by Candy…:frowning: