Owntracks - how to create flows?


Ok so I’ve set up the cloudmqtt and created the homey-user and the family users. All smartphones got the owntracks app and all are connected.

I’ve created multiple geo-fence-zones and now we’re at the problematic part. I don’t get the flow to work as it should and I can’t really see what I’m doing wrong. The aim is to inform different family members when the kids go from school, bus arrives and when I leave work etc. but something is not working.

What am I doing wrong - any recommendations?


maybe a bit offtopic, but honestly, i had Owntracks working once. but it drained my phone’s battery and the config was randomly gone… (search the old forum, i wasnt the only one)

im using IFTTT now and it works great, no draining battery’s, accurate, no disappearing config’s and much easy’er to setup.

on-topic: this topic helped me: